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The United Front led by Nova, Ronan and Drax have held, but only just. Annihilus’ forces have been fought to a standstill. But can any defense withstand the devastating attack of Ravenous and the Centurions?


It is another day of survival for the United Front. Cammi and Drax have their normal banter and are interrupted as Phyla-Vell stumbles in with news of Drax's daughter, Heather. Moondragon (Heather) has been captured by Thanos and all Phyla-Vell has to show for it is Heather's ear -- and of course, Cammi wants to keep it.

Richard, Peter and Ronan meet with three Kree battalion captains (loyal to Fiyero House), about the war strategy. Needless to say, the meeting doesn't go well, as Ronan is continually accused of his supposed crimes against the Kree. In the end, it is Ronan that does the accusing and executing, leaving Richard three battalion captains short.

Gamora then shows up to inform Ronan, Peter and Richard of their new guests - Praxagora and a dead Super-Skrull. As Praxagora tells of the final days of the Super-Skrull and his heroic destruction of the Harvester of Sorrow, even more excitement stirs -- this time its big trouble, the biggest trouble for the United Front to date.

Ravenous arrives with some unexpected "allies": Infant Terrible, Terrax and Paibok The Power Skrull (each against their will, under the command of their control bugs).

Meanwhile... aboard Thanos' starship, Annihilus grows impatient with the progress of Thanos' project to discover "the biological application of cosmic power".

Back on the front-lines, Ravenous and his battalion continue their assault on the United Front, and to make matters worse for Nova and team, Ravenous welcomes one-hundred new evil allies: The Centurions!

Thanos' teleportaion technology really turned the tides against the United Front. Even with the two remaining ex-heralds of Galactus (Red Shift and Stardust), entire battalions of Annihilation Wave warriors and evil allies coming out of nowhere is far too overwhelming... is this the last straw?


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Kingdome come Pt. 2 0

   Issue #2 of the ground shattering series, Annihilation. Probably the most prolific events in the Marvel universes cosmic universe, this series promises to go down as one of the best.      Rearing from the previous battle in issue one, Drax and his friend Cammi are seen sitting around a cooking leg of one of Annihilus' ground troops. When out of no where Phyla-Vell, daughter of the late great Captain Marvel, appears with some startling news. Thanos has captured Heather, Drax's daughter! Phyla ...

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