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It's Deathstroke versus his son and daughter - Jericho and Ravager - with the lives of the Teen Titans hanging in the balance. Will Wonder Girl and Robin be able to shake themselves free from the monster Superboy: Match? Plus, secrets are revealed about Miss Martian and Kid Devil, and changes are in store for Raven and Cyborg!


Batgirl lunges at Deathstroke for drugging her and making her a killer. Jericho manages to make eye contact with Inertia and possesses him. Jericho runs and grabs Deathstroke off of Batgirl and slams through the wall. Sungirl takes out Ravager from behind as Jericho is forced to leave Inertia's body.

Raven is still fighting Enigma and Duela Dent. Raven senses confusion in Duela and asks why she's working with Enigma and the others. She says it's because they asked her to join their Titans. She's never belonged anywhere. Raven says she is mistaken. She has been an ally of theirs. She then asks if she'd like to join the Teen Titans. Duela says yes and knocks out Enigma.

Soon the others, including Cyborg and Kid Devil are freed. Miss Martian enters Kid Devil's mind as he his being held after Kid Crusader pulled the demon essence out of him. When Miss Martian tries to enter Kid Crusader's mind, he detects her. Thinking she is Satan, he swings with his sworkd and hits the demon essences. This causes him to transform into Kid Devil. Robin and Batgirl try to save Wondergirl from Match. As they distract him, he ends up grabbing both of them. Wonder Girl is able to knock him outside.

As the Titans try to regroup, they are attacked by the Titans East. Soon it's East versus West. Rose is about to take out her father when he tells her that she doesn't know anything about love or family. He tells her that he loves Joseph just as he loved Grant. All he ever wanted was a son to carry on his name. The striking blow is when he tells her she was just an accident. This distraction was all Inertia needed to strike her from behind. As it appears that the Titans East have won, the original Titans arrive.


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