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Superman vs. a volcano! While the Man of Steel fights mother nature to save villagers from fiery doom, he's missing out on a date with Lois Lane. Who will swoop in to sweep LL off her feet? Don't miss the next chapter in this story of Superman's early years from superstar talents Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale!

The Kryptonite continues it's tale of how it came to Earth, as well of what happened between it's arrival and now. It reveals that it was put up on display at a temple, then stolen by a mobster with a scar.

Tony Gallo sets up his dinner with Lois to help her in creating an article (so he thinks) positive about his Casino. She wins the bet from last issue, even getting the car ride.

She makes the date for tomorrow so she can be with Superman tonight

(Or Clark? Note from reviewer: It's unclear to me if she's dating Clark or Superman, as I don't know what framework of continuity this is, and last issue she was with Superman only. Perhaps this might be a question better left to an editor. If only they'd respond to such questions...).

Regardless as to who she's meeting, Lois prepares as Superman has to cope with a raging volcano. Jimmy releases him after a long day, and he goes to fight the force of nature he watched previously last issue.

He fails to stop it with a giant rock, so he burrows in, almost drowning in lava. Eventually he succeeds, but at the cost of not being there for Lois, who reschedules to visit with Gallo.

Clark explains how he almost drowned, and filled his lungs with lava before bursting out and scaring people, with one woman so scared she jumped into the lava, and a dog that catches fire.

Pa pulls Clark aside and tells him that he did right, but not to tell Martha when he nearly dies, because Pa can be there for him and she likes to remain purposefully ignorant.

Superman meets Lois after her date with Gallo, seemingly distraught.



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Imagine not knowing your own limits... 0

As human beings we take a lot of things for granted; if we jump onto a feather bed, it will be soft; if we touch a hot stove, we will get burned. Now imagine a life where those limits were unknown, and you were compelled to put yourself in harms way to help others. That's where Superman is in his first few months as a superhero, and Darwyn Cooke does a great job of showing us what that must be like for him.This unconventional look at Superman's early days is what makes this comic so great. But i...

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