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The war between the OGs (Original Gothamites) and the Deezees (deserters) heats up in the conclusion of "Urban Renewal" as Batman races against time to find the bomber terrorizing Gotham.

Plus, the fourth installment of "The Jacobian."


In the aftermath of No Man’s Land, Gotham City is divided between the people who stayed in Gotham who consider themselves Original Gothamites or “OGs” and those who deserted Gotham during the devastation and later returned or the “Deezees”. Two major builders in Gotham have been lumped into the “Deezee” camp, Bruce Wayne and another construction group called Coldwell and Ferris. Someone is blowing up their construction projects. Commissioner James Gordon with Gotham City Police and the Batman investigate to get to the bottom of it.

This comic contains Chapter Four of a side story called the “Winds of Fortune” featuring The Jacobian.


Roberto Alonzo's body is found at the scene of the second construction site bombing and the Mayor sees this as proof that the OG spokesman was responsible. The police department and Batman, however, are not convinced and continue their investigations. Batman discovers that explosives were carefully planted throughout the site of the second bombing, meaning that a demolitions expert was involved, and James Gordon discovers that the site was seriously over-insured. They both reach the same conclusion by different methods - Vic Ferris of C and F Constructions, is responsible for the bombings, both to collect on insurance money and to turn opinion against the OGs, who he believes to be scum. With the help of Ferris' partner JJ Coldwell, they are able to arrest him. He even gets a punch in the face from Commissioner Gordon, who takes him to task for his attitude to the OGs - not for himself, since he was raised in Chicago, but on behalf of his late wife, Gotham born and bred and a casualty of the No Man's Land year.


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