The Mighty Avengers #1

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #1 - The Mighty Avengers released by Marvel on May 1, 2007.

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    The wait is over!! The Mighty Avengers assemble!! Gathered together to be the greatest Avengers team ever, but who picked them?? And why?? And which A-list Avengers villain returns, revamped and reloaded for the ultimate revenge. Big super hero adventures every month from the multi-award winning team of Bendis and Cho.

    On their first mission, the newly formed team of Avengers find themselves fighting huge monster creatures in Manhattan. A flashback reveals Tony Stark showing Ms. Marvel his new red and gold S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. He tells her he has a new job for her as leader of the Avengers. With the 50 state Initiative, Stark and Ms. Marvel are able to choose who they want on the team. They discuss several different options. When Carol mentions the dynamic of members like Spider-Man and Luke Cage, Stark goes quiet. He tells her that eventually they'll have to bring them in. He says if they don't, S.H.I.E.L.D. will.

    As the team fights the monsters, they finally are able to confront Mole Man. He accuses them of invading his world. His underground world is destroyed. Suddenly Iron Man's armor begins to change shape. After an flash of bright light, in the place where Iron Man was now stands a woman. Ultron is online.


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    Thorverine 0

    This was actually a very pleasant read! The story deals with the first mission of the Mighty Avengers who are "lead" by Ms. Marvel (actually it´s Iron Man´s team).  I loved the interaction between Carol and Tony when they are arguing about who is going to join the team. The best part is when they try to find a "Thor" and a "Wolverine". Carol knows a Thorverine, namely Ares. It´s hilarious when the two are approaching the god of war. Absolutely great! Also that Sentry apologizes the whole time an...

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    Bendis at it again 0

    Now this is how the first issue of a team book is done. Most of the time, the first issue of a team book is kinda boring as all they do is pick the team... and that's usually it. Bendis avoids this as the issue opens up with the team already formed and on their first mission with flashbacks to Tony Stark and Carol Danvers picking out the team. Which is great because as we all know, one of Bendis' strong points is dialog.I had my doubts about the team, but it all makes sense in the end. Something...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Bendis + Cho = Winner 0

    Finally, two of my most favorite people in the comicbook industry have joined forces to create an extraordinary project. Frank Cho, one of the best artists I have ever seen, and Brian Michael Bendis, one of those prolific and very imaginative writers that I like, have partnered to create Marvel’s The Mighty Avengers. I am not a fan of the Avengers, but I know I couldn’t pass this chance to see the product from these two great people. The Mighty Avengers is a new team formed by Iron Man and Ms. M...

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