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As Hal Jordan and John Stewart fly through space, they split up so John can finish his patrol and Hal heads home. 145 miles above Earth, Hal finds a dead body. He immediately sends a message to Batman for his help. The victim appears to have died from a gunshot and his ring detects that no one has come or gone in that area of space since the victim died. Batman is able to correctly identify the victim's characteristic as he is currently looking at an identical body in the Batcave. It turns out that sixty-two similar corpses have been found at other places like Atlantis, the Daily Planet, and the Flash museum. It also seems that whatever happens to one body has similar effects on the others. Batman recognizes the casino logo on the victim's shirt and decides that he and Hal are taking a roadtrip to Vegas. Just then they are attacked by an alien being. As the beast is eventually defeated, two spectators appear to have wagered on who would be the one to defeat the beast.

As Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan enter the casino, Bruce uses his charm and reputation to get information. They discover that the casino has recently had a new owner and that a murdered man was just found outside the front door.

Bruce and Hal make their way to the owner's office. Bruce discovers that the owner is Roulette, head of an underworld gambling syndicate. They change into their costumes as Roulette is trying to torch a book that won't burn. She is hysterical and determine to destroy it. She tells them that her boyfriend was trying to warn them. Aliens then arrive to take the book. They manage to save Roulette but the aliens also took the book. Roulette tells Batman that she knew they would lose to the Venturans. It was foretold in the book. The book turns out to be the Book of Destiny and that it contains ultimate knowledge.



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Fun for the whole family 0

As far as first issues go, it doesn't get much better than this. To kickstart the 2007 relaunch of DC's popular Brave and the Bold title, Mark Waid sends Batman and Green Lantern on the trail of an intergalactic murder mystery. Like any good team-up book, the interaction between the two main characters is at the heart of the story and Waid really nails the dynamic between Hal and Bruce. Unlike other writers who choose to put the two heroes at odds, Waid keeps the world's greatest detective and t...

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Roulette 0

I found a great deal on this series... the entire lot... and decided to buy it.  I really liked the old Brave and the Bold, team-ups of characters every month.  Get to see characters I might not follow to closely, or might not have heard of and see what they do and who they are.  Really enjoyed that.  So, was hoping this would be some of the same.  In a way it was, but it's not. Green Lantern and Batman are teamed up here to find out why they found a body... what appears to be the same body in t...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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