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"YEAR’S END" Part 1 (of 2). The Xavier Institute’s end-of-year dance is upon the New Mutants. Invitations are declined, hearts broken, and jealously runs rampant! And just as the X-Men leave for a mission, an old villain sees this as the perfect time to strike! 

It’s time for the spring dance at Xavier’s. While everyone of the faculty staff prepares things, Dani gives a call to federal agent Justin Pierce. They talk, and Dani invites him to the prom, which he accepts. 
Meanwhile, all the students are talking about the dance. The New Mutants are still ignoring Josh, which upsets Noriko, who runs away from the team when they start talking about it. Laurie is still angry at Josh (about his relationship with  Rahne), doesn’t want to go to the prom and plans to skip it. David doesn’t want to hear anything of that, and offers to Laurie that she goes with him, and she accepts. Kevin tries to ask Laurie too, but is too late. Julian also tries to convince Sofia to go to the dance with him, but she ignores his attempts. Jay tries to invite Dust, but she doesn’t feel good about the dance, so she puts the offer down. 
Later, Noriko talks to Josh, and he informs her about the future David saw in which they were married, and explains that’s why he ignores her. At the dance, Julian is present with the Stepford Cuckoos as his dates, but when he sees Sofia, he ignores them and she agrees to one dance. During the dance, they talk and Julian invites her to spend the summer with him in his house in California, since his parents will be away for the season. Also at the dance, Justin and Dani have a nice talk. Laurie’s mother has also shown up to help chaperone, and wanted to see her daughter again, since they have been fighting of late over her powers and Josh. 
Shan wants to go find Rahne and convince her to come back, but Dani is still mad at her, and has already made a few calls to help find a new mentor for the Alpha Squadron and the Paragons. Magma has already answered the call, and is present at the dance. However, when Amara goes to talk to Josh about the time when he used his powers to heal her, Laurie suspects that Josh is flirting with her and gets jealous. She uses her powers on David and makes him kiss her. Josh notices and almost starts a fight, but when David realizes what he has done, he runs away. Sofia and Laurie get into an argument about Laurie’s powers, but she doesn’t want to talk about it since she gets enough grief about from her mother. Gail hears, and runs away, too. The next day, the X-Men get an invitation from the Avengers for a meeting. They agree to come, and Cyclops and Emma give Dani the permission to run the prize ceremony day for the winners of the Field Day.  
Later in the city, the citizens notice the X-Plane soaring over. The Blob notices it too, and realizes that with the X-Men there, there aren’t any at the school. He threatens a chauffeur to stop, and drive him to the Institute.


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