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Pa Kent is having a talk with a young Clark when he realizes he won't be around forever. As Clark's powers continue to develop, he knows his place isn't on a farm. Three men arrive to become farmhands for the upcoming harvest.

Later Clark is having lunch with Lana Lang and Pete Ross. He voices his suspicions on the new additions to the farm. He also ponders whether he should stay in Smallville or move on to Metropolis to pursue his journalist career.

Clark soon realizes that the three farmhands have superpowers and an "action suit" just like his. The three introduce themselves as part of the Superman Squad, a team of Supermen from different eras that help protect the structure of spacetime. Kal Kent reveals himself as a future descendant of Clark's from the year A.D. 853,500. Klyzyzk Klzntplkz is the Superman from the 5th Dimension and the third, bandaged Superman is the Unknown Superman from A.D. 4500.

Just then the Chronovore, a being that ages everything it touches, arrives. The three members of the Superman Squad tell Clark to stand back as they handle the threat. Being young and arrogant, Clark insists on defending his own world.

With the help of Krypto, Clark manages to break free of Kal's grasp and heads off to fight the Chronovore. During this time, the Unknown Superman is back at the farm talking with Pa. As Clark continues to fight the Chronovore with Klyzyzk, Kal says that the Chornovore will eat a precious three minutes of Clark's life. The three minutes in which Pa suffers a fatal heart attack.

At Pa's funeral, Clark speaks on how his father taught him right from wrong and how to dream of a better world.

Clark is in tears as he prepares to leave Ma and the farm. At the other end of the farm, three more members of the Superman Squad arrive (including the Golden Superman from DC 1.000.000 and Superman 2 aka Secundus) as the Unknown Superman reveals himself to be a future incarnation of Superman, happy to have had one more chance to visit with Pa.



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