JLA #117

    JLA » JLA #117 - Crisis of Conscience, Part Three released by DC Comics on October 1, 2005.

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    Despero has enabled the Secret Society of Super Villains to remember that they once discovered the Secret Identities of the JLA. Through her magic powers, Zatanna had wiped that information from their minds, and as Batman objected to the process, he was mind wiped too. The SSOSV are now intent on using the information at their disposal to strike at the nearest and dearest of the League.

    First on their list is Lois Lane. Realising that their own loved ones are safe and that Superman hasn't been around for a while, the League work out Lois may well be their first target. Arriving at around the same time, the League and the SSOSV embark upon an almighty battle - during which the Man of Steel makes the customary last minute rescue of Lois - and eventually helps his team mates subdue their foes.

    However, now they have got them, what are they going to do with them? As Hawkman, pre-eminient supporter of mind - wiping steps forward and demands "We Vote", it seems Despero's claim that he doesn't have to fight the League anymore, because the League is about to defeat itself may well be coming true.


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