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It read like a sex-ed book written by your mom.

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I wanted to like this book. I really did. It seemed intriguing to me. With a name like Lady Cop, I wanted to know more. What made her so special? How is she better that other "lady cops" I was thinking of a character like Renee Montoya or Maggie Sawyer. She was not anything like that.

Now it started off strong. Her two roommates are murdered right in front of her eyes in the first panel. In one frame you have everything you need. An origin, a possible arch-nemesis and the potential hero. Everything was on a tee. From that point on it read like a pamphlet a was made to read a a kid. With the exception of the language was so silly it was as if my mother would have said it. Actually that is not fair. Even my mother wouldn't be that silly. Lady Cop actually tells a girl. "VD'S DECEPTIVE! GIRLS MAY NOT HAVE SYMPTOMS! BUT IT'S A SECRET DESTROYER--POISONING YOU LIKE AN UNDERGROUND RIVER! IT CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS! INSANITY! DEATH!" I wrote it in all comic book caps and did not change any punctuation. That is six exclamation points!

Anyway, I will not recommend this book unless you are into the campy side of the 1970's comic world. I'm glad i have it and i wouldn't part with it so I guess I like it on that level. It does make a nice addition to my eclectic collection. I gave it three stars because but would rather give it a three out of ten.

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