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    1985 » 1985 #2 - Clyde Wyncham released by Marvel on August 1, 2008.

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    Marvel’s most deadly villains have a foothold in the real world—but who will believe the only person who knows the truth, when that person is a 13-year old kid named Toby who’s read way too many comic books? Fortunately, it seems that Toby has an ally—the Incredible Hulk! Can even the Hulk survive the most titanic throw-down with Juggernaut in comic book history? Find out in this epic clash of super hero action…and ponder—who is Clyde Wyncham?

    Toby finds himself face-to-face with the Hulk in the woods.  To his surprise, the Hulk speaks to him.  He tells Toby that he's looking for the Juggernaut.  They were in Arizona and then suddenly they were pulled there.  Hulk tells Toby he doesn't have to be afraid.  He just wants to find the Juggernaut before he hurts anyone.

    Juggernaut appears and they begin fighting.  Toby is still in shock.  Juggernaut tells Hulk that nothing is going to stop him from doing what he has to do there.  Toby has seen enough and takes off.

    At the hospital, Toby's father is visiting his old friend, Clyde.  He tells him that he allowed the comic store guys to sell the comics that were in his old house.  He just wants them to go to a good home and be enjoyed.  A nurse walks up and informs him that visiting hours are over.  She asks if he's family or a friend.  Toby's dad tells her that Clyde doesn't have any family since his mom died.  They've known each other since grade school.

    Toby is waiting for his dad outside.  Apparently he's told Toby that he's only visited Clyde three times in twenty years but wouldn't say why that was.  Toby is still shaken up and tells his dad what he saw.  Toby takes him to the woods where the trees have been knocked over and uprooted.  His dad claims he doesn't believe him.  He then tells Toby not to talk about it.  He tells him to trust him that people don't want to hear about it.  As they head away from the woods (and Clyde's old house), three shadows can be seen on the rooftop.  The shadows appear to be Dr. Doom, Electro and the Green Goblin.

    Toby's dad covers for him with his mom.  After school the next day, Toby stops by the comic store.  They are still thrilled about being able to sell the old comics.  They gratiously offer Toby a 10% discount on anything he buys that day.  At dinner, Toby finds out that Hart, his mom's new guy is thinking about taking a job in England.  He gets up and say they are not moving, he's not family, all his mom cares about is his money.  He runs to his room in tears.  Toby knows that his mom doesn't want him to turn out like his dad, smart but lazy.  He seemed to have no real skills but apparently this was before everyone found out what he was capable of...

    Outside, Stilt-Man takes a stroll.  A couple blocks away, a dude named Edgar is working on making pirate copies of Commodore 64 games to sell.  His wife answers a knock at the door.  It's the Sandman.  He forces his way in.  Edgar takes off only to be stopped by Electro.



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    1985 2 0

    After a cracking debut issue, I wasn't sure the high standard would be maintained when this issue opened up with a big Hulk/Juggernaut fight in its first few pages.  Hey, I'm not knocking big Hulk fights but Ed McGuinness is doing a mighty fine job of those over in Hulk.  I'm in 1985 for its mix of nostalgia and emotional truth, as Toby continues to be pulled between his dysfunctional father and possibly overbearing mother.  As with issue one, this is where the book really sparks to life.  The t...

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