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    198 is a symbolic number commonly used to describe the number of mutants remaining after M-Day.

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    The term 198 has dual meanings.

    The first of which describes a group of still-powered mutants that sought refuge on the grounds of the Xavier Institute after M-Day.

    Secondly, 198 refers to the earliest confirmed number of mutants still powered after M-Day. It is a misconception that there were only 198 mutants with powers after M-Day, but the number is often used as a symbol of those left. The precise number of mutants left with powers after M-Day is not known, however most estimates put the total number between 200-300.

    During Necrosha Caliban discovered that even the dead were affected by the Scarlet Witch's spell.

    For reasons currently unknown, mutants who have originated from other realities (not from the main, 616 universe), were have said to retained their powers. However, they are not included among the 198.

    This is a list of all mutants confirmed to retain their powers after M-Day. Mutants who were re-powered by some means after M-Day are not to be included in this list.


    • There have also been a couple of unnamed mutants shown with retained powers that have been eaten by Predator X.
    • Several other Stepford Cuckoo specimens, known as the Thousand-In-One.
    • Professor X has since regained his mutant X-Gene after making contact with the reality-altering M'Kraan Crystal.
    • Magneto regained his powers after extensive experimentation done by the High Evolutionary.
    • Marrow and Polaris, despite having been listed as depowered, retained aspects of their physical mutation. Marrow retained her scars & growths, while Polaris' hair is still green.
    • Quicksilver was initially depowered, but his powers spontaneously re-emerged after prolonged exposure to the Terrigen Crystals & during a time of great distress.
    • During the Necrosha storyline, Selene resurrected many mutants with the T-O virus. These deceased mutants were brought back to life with their powers in tact, although it is unknown if this is a result of the virus. Tarot, who was previously thought to be depowered via a computer screen in New Avengers, has shown to use her powers. Feral had exhibited the loss of her mutant powers at the time of her death, but shown as active once again following her resurrection.
    • Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna), thought dead, resurrected herself by corrupting and taking over the body of a Dire Wraith who had absorbed elements of the Darkforce. As a result, it is unknown if she could currently be classed as a mutant.
    • Rictor has since regained his powers at the hands of the Scarlet Witch.
    • After being presumed dead as a member of the New Warriors, Stacy X has reemerged alive and fully powered. How this came to be has yet to be revealed.


    • Jamie Braddock is a creature from Otherworld and is not human.
    • Madame Web's powers were mystical in nature, thus why Julia Carpenter could inherit her abilities upon her death.
    • Despite conflicting sources, Mimic has most recently been confirmed a mutate.

    Mutant Status Undetermined

    The following characters have statuses that are difficult to determine, often due to conflicting sources or rampant Internet rumors.

    • Debrii : No origin of powers given.
    • Fesi, Eden : Protegee of mutant Gateway, with whom he shares similar powers.
    • Scarlet Witch : A mutant before M-Day, she is shown undetectable by Cerebra, but her vast abilities may be able to cloak her.
    • Speed : A magical construct of the Scarlet Witch, it is unknown if he is mutant, human or something else.
    • Wiccan : A magical construct of the Scarlet Witch, it is unknown if he is mutant, human or something else.

    Mutant Hybrids

    Some characters are said to be mixed specimens and seemingly still hold the X-Gene trait. Some consider them mutants nonetheless while others consider them to be separate species altogether because they are technically not "human mutants" like the rest of the 198. These mutant hybrids include:


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