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    A time rift causes some of Marvel's most well known heroes to come into existence over three hundred years early, in 1602.

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    This is the initial 1602-story arc. If you want to see all the stories linked to this story arcs continuity, go to its concept page.

    Basic Concept

    1602 poses an alternate history to Marvel's Earth-616. Familiar heroes and villains, from X-Men to Nick Fury to Doctor Doom, come into existence in the era of Queen Elizabeth. The story follows Sir Nicholas Fury, the students from Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk, Rojhaz the American Indian and others, as they attempt to decipher the riddle of strange and deadly weather patterns and foil the machinations of Count Otto Von Doom.

    Eventually, the main characters discover that Earth-616 is coming apart in a para-temporal event caused by the untimely arrival of Steve Rogers, commonly known as Captain America, of Earth-460 having been sent more than 400 years back through time. They foil Von Doom's schemes and rescue the Four of the Fantastick, then head to America where they finally seal the rift by sending Captain America back through, and return Earth-616 to its proper timeline.

    This reality has been named Earth-311.

    The characters

    The characters of Earth-311 are not alternate reality counterparts of Earth-616 characters, but analogues.

    The following is a list of the characters, who they are on Earth-311, and who they are analogues of in Earth-616.

    • Elizabeth I of England: Herself*
    • James I of England: Himself*
    • Virginia Dare: No counterpart
    • Uatu, the Watcher: Himself*
    • Sir Nicholas Fury: Nick Fury*
    • Doctor Stephen Strange: Himself*
    • Peter Parquagh: Peter Parker (Spider-man)*
    • Matthew Murdoch: Matt Murdock (Daredevil)*
    • Clea Strange: Clea*
    • Rojhaz: Steve Rogers (Captian America)*
    • Carlos Javier: Charles Xavier*
    • The Four from the Fantastick: Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), John Storm (Human Torch), Ben Grimm (The Thing)*
    • Grand Inquisitor Enrique: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto)*
    • David Banner: Bruce Banner (The Hulk)*
    • Count Otto von Doom: Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom)*
    • Pestros: Pietro Django Maximoff (Quicksilver)*
    • Scotius Summerisle: Scott Summers (Cyclops)*
    • Robert Trefusis: Robert Drake (Iceman)*
    • John (Jean) Grey: Jean Grey*
    • Werner: Warren Worthington III (Angel)*
    • Master McCoy: Henry McCoy (Beast)*
    • Sister Wanda: Wanda Django Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Editions


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