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    100 Bullets. Vertigo's 4th longest series after Hellblazer, Swamp Thing and Fables and the second longest creator-owned series right after Fables. With 100 issues and ten years in the making, it is the writer Brian Azzarello's and the artist Eduardo Risso's most ambitious and definitive collaboration to date. With the beautiful covers done by Dave Johnson and most of the coloring done by Patricia Mulvihill. It's about making life-changing decisions, revenge, guns, agents, a secret war and hot babes. This series is one of the most acclaimed series of the recent decades. Awarded with many comic book awards (which are listed down below).

    In June 2013, the creative team returned for spin-off series on the Minuteman Lono titled 100 Bullets: Brother Lono. The miniseries is set after the events of 100 Bullets.

    The Story

    Agent Graves and his team, the Minutemen
    Agent Graves and his team, the Minutemen

    The story begins with the mysterious man named Agent Graves playing his weird life changing games. He gives different types of people an attaché which contains a gun, 100 untraceable bullets, a picture of a person that has wronged them and undisptuing evidence to back it up (a list of the recipients is linked here). Some of them succeeded and became a part of the big plan. Graves' plan was to bring down the Trust, a many centuries old secret organisation formed by the heads of thirteen European aristocratic families that has the control of the New World, for their betrayal. Graves gathered the remaining members of his team, the Minutemen and some new recruits. Step by step the sleeping Minutemen wake up by using the cryptic word "Croatoa" and the downfall of both teams starts.

    The Trust
    The Trust

    Trade Paperbacks

    This series has been collected in thirteen different volumes with new covers also done by the cover artist Dave Johnson. Like most series, they are collected in the chronological order.


    All hardcover volumes are part of the 100 Bullets: Deluxe Edition title.


    - Eisner Awards

    • 2001 - Best Serialized Story - "Hang Up on the Hang Low" #15-18
    • 2002 - Best Artist/Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team - Eduardo Risso
    • 2002 - Best Continuing Series
    • 2002 - Best Cover Artist - Dave Johnson
    • 2004 - Best Colorist/Coloring - Patricia Mulvihill
    • 2006 - Best Continuing Series

    - Harvey Awards

    • 2002 - Best Writer - Brian Azzarello
    • 2002 - Best Artist - Eduardo Risso
    • 2002 - Best Continuing or Limited Series
    • 2003 - Best Artist - Eduardo Risso

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