100 Acre Wood

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    Home to Winnie the Pooh and friends.

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    The Hundred Acre Wood is a part of the land inhabited by Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. The wood is visited regularly by the young boy Christopher Robin, who accompanies Pooh and company on their many adventures.

    In the book, the term "Hundred Acree Wood" is actually used for a specific part of the larger Forest, centred on Owl's house.

    Places in the Woods

    The following places are shown on Shepard's map at the beginning of the Winnie-the-Pooh book:

    • Pooh Bear's House
    • Kanga's House
    • The Sandy Pit Where Roo Plays
    • A Nice Place for Picnics
    • The Bee Tree
    • The way to the North Pole
    • An area with Big Stones and Rocks
    • Rabbit's House
    • An area for Rabbit's Friends-and-Relations
    • Christopher Robin's House
    • The Six Pine Trees
    • The Pooh Trap for Heffalumps
    • Piglet's House
    • Where the Woozle Wasn't
    • A Floody Place
    • Owl's House
    • Eeyore's Gloomy Place

    Additional places mentioned in the books but not shown on the map include:

    • The House at Pooh Corner
    • The Poohsticks Bridge
    • The Stepping Stones
    • A Gravel Pit
    • Pooh's Thoughtful Spot
    • Galleons Lap

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