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The name Zyklon means " the Cyclone" when translated from German. He was given the ability to move at superhuman speed bt scientists serving the Third Reich.

He first recorded mission was in 1942. He aided Baron Blitzkrieg in stealing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and Jay Garrick opposed them.

Blitzkrieg wanted the Liberty Bell for the strange energies it produced. It was to be used in an experiment during an electrical storm. The experiment was almost finished when Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, and the original Flash soon approached them. Lightning struck the bell while Liberty Belle was holding onto one of Blitzkrieg's machines and produced vibrations. These vibrations gave Liberty Belle the ability to produce sonic pulses. She used the sonic pulses to hurl Blitzkrieg and Zyklon toward the arriving Flash and Johnny Quick. Blitzkrieg and Zyklon soon escaped.

Zyklon's whereabouts, further exploits, and career are yet to be recorded.

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