Zombies Apocalypse Question?

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It's early in the morning and your watching the news. you watch a headline talking about a virus epidemic that changes human behavior. What would you do on the first day? This is to prepare you guys in case of a zombie breakout.  
My answer
I would first go to my garage, grab my axe, get into my car, drive to a grocery, max out my credit cards to buy foods, medical supplies, blunt objects, drive to a trailer dealership, buy a Winnebago with all my money,  come back home, recruit  my next door neighbors or in case he refuses rob his armory of hunting rifles, leave heading north and don't stop until i see Canadian mounties. 

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to be honest, i would probably just stay home and continue my daily activities.
if i did come across an infected human i would pretend i didn't see him or her and walk the opposite way.

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@Shatterstar said:

" Funny enough I was reading a cracked article today about how unthreatening a zombie apocalypse would actually be. Seek higher ground in either a cold or hot place with some ammo, a good dog, and raid the local gun shop. They kinda make some good points.   http://www.cracked.com/article_18683_7-scientific-reasons-zombie-outbreak-would-fail-quickly.html "

Lol i was about to quote the same article.
Anyway i would probably just chill at home since i live in a large city and in an apartment so the likes of the zombies getting me are pretty low.
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I would go to the store to buy as much food as possible then go home and stay with my family.
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@Shatterstar said:

"Funny enough I was reading a cracked article today about how unthreatening a zombie apocalypse would actually be. Seek higher ground in either a cold or hot place with some ammo, a good dog, and raid the local gun shop. They kinda make some good points.  http://www.cracked.com/article_18683_7-scientific-reasons-zombie-outbreak-would-fail-quickly.html "

From that article... 
"People don't always act like the panicky idiots in a horror movie." 
I think people are being given way to much credit here. 
Also I think this article seems to go with the slow moving zombies. The infected from 28 days later would be a much different story.
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First of all, if the first sign is watching it on the news, then that's already too late. People in your neighbourhood will already be running around doing exactly what you are about to do so good luck fighting with the horde (and not getting killed by your fellow human beings at the same time). Now, let's say you were privy to some top-secret government information. First thing you want to do is stock up on non-perishable food, TONS of water, and a lot of gas. Next, find shelter, preferably somewhere high with a view of the world below you and definitely secure. If you work in an office in some high-rise tower, that's actually a good place to go because the offices in those places usually have secured doors that would be difficult for zombies to get into. Getting a Winnebago is not a good idea, just imagine all the cars and dead bodies on the road. Driving would be a pain.
Depending on what kind of zombie apocalypse you're talking about, you could either wait it out or you can try to do something about it. If the zombies will die eventually from starvation, wait it out and don't be a hero. If we're talking about zombies that roam the earth forever and ever, find a reliable hunting partner and head out, armed with chainsaws and a shotgun. Don't bother with handguns, do you know how hard it is to shoot a zombie square in their brain? The shotgun is only there to help you stun them while you make your getaway. A chainsaw is your best bet because it gives you about three feet of distance from zombies and there's no way you can miss with a chainsaw. Just lop off their head and be done with it. If decapitation isn't your thing, go for the limbs. A zombie with no legs becomes much less of a threat. Limit your hunts and recon missions to no more than three hours at a time; your chainsaw won't last much longer than that even if you use it sparingly and you don't want to be more than 90 minutes away from your home-base at any time. When you get back to your home-base, things could get a little boring so try to find a few sniper rifles and start practicing from the safety of the roof or whichever 20+ floor you're on.

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Laugh in some people's faces, grab a sword, put on some music and have a damn good time.
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i would charge my camera first, that's for sure

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 Two Samurai sword's and stay in the shadow's...Ninja style.

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katana in the left hand and a machete in the right

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don't know, go buy hand santizer and cold medicine then maybe do some grocery shopping considering my fam eats EVERYTHING!!! Besides that I'd probabale panick then puke when i see the first zombie. I say i wouldn't survive it.
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ill have two uzipistols and clips on my belt
four daggers on my legs 
a shot gun and a sniper on my back
two katana's on my belt
a phany back filled first aid bullets grenades
and ill be having a wolverine knife glove and ill will make my way to pacific coast get me a boat and sail to an unpopulated island and die there with my male lover 
the end

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Interesting question, If there was a "virus" so to speak, escape would be very difficult without know how to prevent infection. That would be my first plan, all the ninja weapons in the world can't help you if your dead or worse. Second if this was posted on the news, mass panic would be created about 5 seconds after the report, so avoiding the mob would be my second plan. 
So here we have two things we need to avoid, people & infected people 
My third plan would be to figure "where to go?". North is always a good answer, so that is where I would head. I think if a event like this were to take place, money would be the last of your worries, most people would abandon their jobs/work within moments of hearing news such as this. So that would be the best time to make your move, this way you may actually be prepared to survive things after the dust settles. 
Life (if that is what you can call it) wold be very difficult within hours of news such as this, food and clean water would become the most prized possessions, with in hours of a outbreak. The only saving grace is that probably 90-95% of any given population don't know how to take care of themselves, they would fall victim quickly and they would simply shut down and expect someone else to save the. 

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I'd get all the weapons I could, gather all my family, get all the food and water we could aquire, go away from where everyone else is going and keep a radio handy.

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that sounds messy

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