How did he become a zombie?

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I don't know if it'll ever be answered, but I like to speculate on these things because life is so boring, lol. 
It's possible that, like many of the other heroes, he just got randomly bit while trying to stop the zombies. But what if there is more detail than that? One of the greatest threats of a zombie plague is ignorance of the situation, by the time people know what they're up against or how to combat it, the virus has already spread like a wildfire. There are tons of characters that will avoid getting bitten just for the sake of not getting hurt, but Deadpool is one of those that purposely puts himself in danger to beat his opponent so it really wouldn't be surprising to me if Deadpool was one of the first to become a zombie. But what if he was informed of the situation and was one of the last to be infected? I have suspected that Siryn might had infected him.

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he got bit, just like close to everyone on his world did whether he wanted it or not.
the majority of the characters we're turned by characters that had superspeed and or flight
before they even knew what happened. and t my recollection Deadpool wasnt on of the first
on the scene to get turned.

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Quicksilver is respondable for this...probably.

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Well, the dude does come from the Marvel Zombie universe, so...

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