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Of all of God's creations, Zera is the most powerful. Her bloodlust and insanity were so great God choose to lock her up in the depths of Heaven. Zera remained in her prison for countless years never questioning God's decision or losing faith. She was finally released when the Forgotten Ones, angels banished from Heaven by God, invaded Heaven in an attempt to seize the throne. Zera charged into battle against the Forgotten Ones and slaughtered them all using her avatar, a fierce white furred beast which is a manifestation of Zera's thirst for battle and is capable of breathing white angelic fire. Zera gloats over the last remaining fallen angel who tells her that there is one more Forgotten One left. In an effort to get a name from him, Zera chokes him with such strength that she snaps his neck before he can finish saying the name.


Zera, capable of sensing God's presence leaves to search for him and bring him back to Heaven to begin the Rapture. She finds God at the home of Al Simmons' ex-wife in the form of a small boy who happens to be Wanda's son. Spawn and Zera are about to do battle when they are both stopped by a being who calls itself the Mother. She claims to be the mother of both God and Satan and was the one who removed them from their respected thrones and put them in the form of children in a effort to stop their constant fighting. God and Satan begin to remember who they are. God leaves with Zera as they prepare to start the Rapture. God summons the faithful humans on Earth to transform them into warriors for Heaven. He then releases the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Earth along with his warriors and angels to confront Hell's army.

On ruins of Earth Zera is fighting dozens of demons before she is confronted by Spawn. She challenges him and unleashes her avatar on him. Spawn is able to withstand its attacks and tears it apart effortlessly thanks to his new divine powers that make him a more than a match for Zera. Zera fights Spawn and manages to cut him in half, but unable to kill him as he heals the wound almost instantly. Zera is unable to comprehend how Spawn is more powerful than her, the most powerful of God's creations. Spawn decideds to fight back with his full fury and eviscerates her. He then severs her head, but being immortal Zera is still alive after all this and swears to get revenge on Spawn.

She returns later after the Earth has been restored by Spawn. Her rotting head now inhabiting a glass jar full of preservative fluids. She takes control of Nyx's body in order to get her revenge in Spawn, but during the battle the jar containing her head is knocked over by the Voodoo priestess Mambo Suzanne and her head eaten by demon dogs thus ending her possession of Nyx and possibly her immortal life.

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