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Brief History


Zealot is Philip Moreau's brother and Genegineer´s son. He oppossed Magneto when he proclaimed as Genosha´s ruler. Convening a large following, he created a resistance force against Magneto. He kidnapped Quicksilver and showed his body tied up to a cross. His actions horrified Rogue and Amelia Voght who sought for Magneto´s help.

Zealot faced his enemy but was banned and most likely killed by Magneto, who used his magnetic powers to imprison him with a metal cocoon and sent him to space. His apparant death was a message to anyone who tried to oppose the master of magnetism.

Other media


X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse


He appears as mid boss in this game at Cerci Tunnels druing first act, he uses his powers to control earth and plenty of his henchmen. He is cheated by Apocalypse, who promised to give Genosha´s control to him if he attacked the X-Men and Magneto´s brotherhood, moreover he hates Magneto and wants to rule Genosha. Meanwhile Mr. Sinister and Abyss (Horsemen of Apocalypse) expeimented on Genoshan mutates and sought the mutant with harmonic DNA, who results to be Polaris.

He is voiced by Armin Shimerman. If the player has Magneto in the roster while facing Zealot they have special dialogue.

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