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Zahgurim is a demon and armorer to Satan that had one of his worshippers killing occultists. The serial killer would remove some internal organs of his victims and use them to forge a magical suit of armor for his master. Daimon Hellstrom wanted to do some of his own investigating about the murders when one of his friends named Avram Siegel fell victim to the killer. Hellstrom found the location where Avram was murdered when Zahgurim appeared in the guise of George Washington. Zahgurim told Hellstrom he was in the area and wanted to check on his worshipper. Zahgurim revealed his true demonic form and came into conflict with Hellstrom. Zahgurim was impaled in the back by Hellstrom's trident so he told the son of Satan that he would return back to hell and await more sacrifices from his ardent admirer.


Zahgurim was created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco in 1994 and first appeared in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies # 12.

Powers & Abilities

Zahgurim is a demon that can shapeshift into any human form and has the ability to shoot magical blasts from his hands. Zahgurim has enhanced strength and razor sharp claws at the tips of each finger.

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