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Zaggot is the god of Chaos and brother of Abacus the God of Order. He speaks with odd mannerisms and rhyme, and has an empowered pet bird Rook. Zaggot desires and accomplishes chaos and disorder.  


Zaggot is a Malibu comic book character and first appears in Mortal Kombat Goro Prince of Pain #1.

Powers and Abilities

Zaggot as the god of Chaos is immensely powerful. Possessing the ability to teleport with ease, Zaggot can even traverse dimensional realms with an ease and freedom that even powerful beings like Shao Kahn cannot. Zaggot was able to quickly prove his superiority even over the mighty Goro. Zaggot possesses the ability to control matter to an unknown degree, possess the ability of flight, as well as presumably more unrevealed abilities and powers given his stature. Zaggot was able to create the composite being the Kombatant who possessed the ability and skills of Goro, Sonya Blade, Kano, Shang Tsung and Johnny Cage.      

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