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 Yugi Motou (Motu)
Yugi Motou (Motu)

Yugi Mutou is your not-so-average teenager; Yugi is pure-hearted, honest, and child-like. Yugi is also very timid at first, but displays great bravery when needed. He lives with his grandfather Sugoroku Muto (Solomon Muto). Yugi is very good at games and puzzles, especially skilled at Duel Monsters. Yugi is part of a close-knit group of friends: Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler), Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor), Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner), and Miho Nosaka. Yugi has been friends with Anzu since childhood and is in love with her. Anzu is in love with both Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi did not make friends with Katsuya and Hiroto at first; they bullied Yugi and tossed a piece of his puzzle into the school yard pool. Later when Yugi risks his own life to save the two from a bully they have a change of heart and Katsuya retrieves the piece of the puzzle he threw away. Katsuya and Yugi then become best friends and would prove that time and time over.




Yugi was given the Millennium Puzzle in pieces by his grandfather, Sugoroku Mutou. Yugi believed upon completing the puzzle he would be granted a wish. Instead his body became the host for the spirit of a 3,000-year-old Egyptian Pharaoh, who becomes his alter ego, Namonaki Pharaoh (Nameless Pharaoh). Who was also referred to as "The other me", Yami Yugi or Dark Yugi. The Pharaoh does not remember his past life when he ruled Egypt. His goal is to collect all of the Millennium pieces so they can no longer be used for evil. The only time the spirit in puzzle comes out was when Yugi was about to have a duel or in times of great danger. He's always there for Yugi as a mentor or guide helping him to become a stronger person.

It's time to duel!!


Yami has many enemies but his main arch nemesis is Seto Kaiba throughout most of the series. Seto Kaiba is the owner of Kaiba Cooperation and has a brother by the name of Mokuba, who is the only one Seto shows any caring for. Unlike Yugi, Seto is very confident, cocky, with a large ego and believes he is the best Duel Monsters player he is often rude towards others he believes to be beneath him. Seto learns that Yugi's grandfather holds a fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Seto's signature card(s). In the manga Kaiba steels the card from Yugi, who then later challenges him to a duel to get it back. Kaiba tries to use the stolen Blue-Eyes White Dragon but it turns on him. Yami inflicts a penalty game (the loser of a shadow game) on Seto , where he believes he is sent to the Duel Monsters Shadow Realm and repeatedly killed by Duel Monsters. The original manga was much more violent than the animated series which was toned down even more in the North American versions. It was thought that Kaiba forgot his rivalry with Yugi because he lost his hate with and seemingly became reclusive.

That was not the case, Seto set to work on his Duel Disk system and works on constructing Kaiba Land, a Duel Monsters theme park in Domino City, and he creates Death-T. It stands for Death Tower and it is a Tower where death is looming at every corner. Yugi and Jonouchi are invited to the park where they witness Seto's grand event, a holographic duel against Grandpa Muto whom he kidnapped. Sugoroku is defeated by Kaiba who then rips up Grandpa Muto's Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Seto forces Yugi to duel in his Death-T in exchange for his grandpa's release. Yugi accepts, accompanied by his friends Jonouchi and Honda. They face against numerous hit men and death traps. Yugi with the help of his friends defeats each trap making his way to the fourth death trap. Yami faces Mokuba in a game where whoever loses is subject to an artificial Penalty Game. Mokuba wanted to prove himself to his big brother who casts him off not believing he could stand a chance against Yugi. Yugi faces off against Mokuba in a Capsule Monster Chess game and wins. Seto decides to subject his brother to a Penalty Game. Yami Yugi saves the day and then goes on to face off against Kaiba. Yugi uses his grandpa's deck, which contains one of the most powerful set of Duel Monster cards, Exodia the Forbidden One. Yugi is able to assemble all five required pieces to win the duel. Yami Yugi releases Kabia's mind with mind crush, an ability he was able to use with the power from his Millennium Puzzle, to vanquish Kaiba's evil side.

Yugi meets Ryo Bakura, a new student at the school who is also interested in games. After missing a day of school, Yugi and his friends go in search of Ryo finding him at home. Unknown to them Ryo also possess a Millennium item, the Millennium ring that he wears around his neck much like Yugi's puzzle, which there too is a spirit locked inside. The evil spirit that possesses Bakura turning him into Yami Bakura, and challenges Yugi to a Monster World game. Yugi and his friends are sealed away into the game, Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura do battle where Yami wins.

Duelist Kingdom


This time the main protagonist is a man by the name of Maximillion Pegasus. He created the Duel Monsters game and begins the Duelist Kingdom tournament. Pegasus battles Yugi in a Shadow Game via a tape he sent to Yugi that held his invite to Duelist Kingdom. He lours Yugi there by capturing the soul of his grandpa.

At Duelist Kingdom the best of the best are there, it was a place where all the duelist gathered to try and become the King of Duelist. Katsuya reveals to Yugi about his sister, who is in need of an eye operation or she may go blind. Yugi gives his friend one of his two star chips so he too can enter the tournament. Yugi and Katsuya went into the tournament to win it together, their friends stowing away on the ship that took them to Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus's private island. Yami went to get his grandpa back while Katsuya went because his sister needed money for her laser eye surgery. The two ran into a lot of strong duelist. Yami had to face Japan champ Weevil and Katsuya faced runner up Rex Raptor. They faced the Paradox Brothers and Bandit Keith's crew (the American Duel Monsters Champion). Katsuya faces off against Mai who is trying to pass herself off as a psychic duelist but Katsuya sees through the guise and defeats her. She then later hangs out with Yugi and his friends believing they aren't so bad after all.

A mysterious thief tries to steal Yugi's star chips but is stopped by Yami, the thief turns out to be none other than Mokuba Kaiba who has escaped from Pegasus. Mokuba was captured by Pegasus who has another motive behind his Duelist Kingdom, he is trying to take over Kaiba Corp as well. Another of Pegasus's minion’s shows up to retrieve Mokuba, and pits Yugi against a powerful duelist using Seto Kaiba's deck. Yami Yugi defeats the duelist but the man escapes with Mokuba.

While the friends take a break and get some rest Mai is ambushed by a duelist calling himself the Player Killer of Darkness. He defeats Mai but Yami Yugi comes to her rescue defeating the duelist and winning back Mai's star chips. She takes them back telling Yugi she owes him.

Yami and Katsuya appeared to head to the finals until they met up with Seto. In a tough battle Yami Yugi seems to be winning until Seto tries to commit suicide by standing on a ledge, where Yami's attack could send him over the edge. Yami decides to attack anyway, Yugi will not allow him to hurt Kaiba and takes over stopping the attack and losing the duel. Kaiba takes 5 of Yugi's star chips to enter Duelist Kingdom and face Pegasus to save his brother and his company. Mia arrives to give Yugi the Star Chips he needs to enter the castle having acquired more than she needs to enter the finals.

Yugi and his friends are treated to the duel between Kaiba and Pegasus, where Yugi cheers Kaiba on. Kaiba loses the duel and his soul in the process, upping the ante for Yugi who now vows to save the Kaiba brother's souls as well. In the next elimination rounds Yugi faces off against Mai while Katsuya faces off against Bandit Keith, who cheated his way in. Yugi and Katsuya defeat their opponents and face each other at the semi-finals. It was a battle between best friends, one that pushed each of them to duel their best. They never once lost sight of their friendship even though both had a lot at stake. Yami defeats Jonouchi in an emotional finish and gives Katsuya the prize money.

Yugi then faces Pegasus in the finals and in a epic Shadow Duel that pit Yami Yugi's Millennium Puzzle up against Pegasus's Millennium Eye Yami figures out Pegasus can read his mind with the Millennium Eye so he and Yugi switch minds so neither knows what the other draws. Pegasus is unable to read their minds and decides to overtax the inexperienced Yugi during the deadly Shadow Duel. With his last move Yami is able to win the duel and save the souls of his grandpa and the Kaiba brothers. They all leave while Pegasus goes back to his room. He then faces Yami Bakura, who wears the Millennium Ring, an item that holds an evil spirit of a thief inside. He challenges Pegasus in his weaken state to a Shadow Game defeating Pegasus and taking his Millennium Eye.

Battle City

 Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar and Yami Yugi.
Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar and Yami Yugi.

Kaiba, still bent on defeating Yugi in a fair duel launches a new tournament with new rules, Battle City, the winner being crowned the King of Games. The duelists must defeat each other to collect a locator card that reveals the location of the finals, as well as ante up their rarest card to the winner. The legendary Egyptian Gods come into play, Kaiba getting one of them (Obelisk the Tormentor), Yami winning his from a duelist (Slifer the Sky Dragon) that is sent after Yami by Marik, a new foe who has it in for the Pharaoh, and who holds the third Egyptian God (The Winged Dragon of Ra). Ishizu Ishtar comes to aid both Seto Kaiba and Yami Yugi to defeat her brother Marik who has been tainted by the darkness inside of him. He holds the Millennium Rod that gives Marik the ability to control people’s minds. Ishizu also has one of the Millennium items, the Millennium Necklace that allows her to see into the future. Marik uses the Millennium Rod to send his soldiers against Yami or to deliver messages through them to Yami after he defeats them in a duel. Marik uses his Millennium Rod on Yugi's best friend Jonouchi forcing Yami and Yugi into a battle to save his friend. Yugi takes over the duel and is successful in breaking Marik's hold over Jonouchi.

Yami has a long hate for his friend Bakura, but how is Bakura his friend when he is his enemy? It is because of Bakura's split personality, the second form that develops when he finds the Millennium ring. Some of the Millennium items contain a form of a personality that is locked in the item since the ancient Egypt times. This is the cast when Yami died in Ancient Egypt by putting his soul in the puzzle and putting Zorc's soul in the ring. So his split personality has a long hate against The Pharaoh. The spirit in the Millennium Ring has put Yami and his friends in extremely dangerous games. Yami Bakura comes out of nowhere during Seto's King of Games tourney and with a hour left gets his qualifying cards to pass. However with a strong deck he still loses to Yami in the 1st round.

Kaiba faces Yugi during the semi-finals and the battle of the Gods begins. In a epic duel Yami barely wins against Kaiba. He then faces Marik in the finals and with the help of Kaiba's Egyptian God card he wins. Marik is also a great rival. He is a evil, hateful, and most of all a crazy individual who also wants revenge on Yami. He does so by unleashing the Ghouls or the Card Collectors who try to steal people's cards. He hates Yami because he is from the Tomb Keepers Clan. He had to live in a cave to protect the Pharaoh’s tomb from cave thieves. One time he and his sister Isis went out to look at the world and when they came back he saw his father torturing Odion, who was to protect Marik and Ishizu, burning his back. Marik who was angry created a split personality, again, and kills his father. He has the strongest God card The Winged Dragon of Ra. Marik's good side defeats his dark side by surrendering in the final minutes of the duel. Yami uses the power of the Millennium items to break Marik free of the darkness in him.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Pyramid of Light


The first Yu-Gi-Oh! movie to hit theaters was not part of the original manga series. As well as the story arcs that take place in the animated series, Legendary Heroes, Virtual World and Waking the Dragons. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Pyramid of Light was given its own manga. The movie takes place directly after Battle City, and even features images from the final tournament where Yami Yugi defeats Marik to win the title King of Games. We get a flash back to when Yugi first assembles the Millennium Puzzle and awakens the spirit within. Unknown to Yugi this also awakens

Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God that the Pharaoh trapped within the Pyramid of Light, which resembles Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. Anubis slowly begins to form his plan over which time Duelist Kingdom and Battle City take place. Kaiba is obsessed with finding a way of defeating Yugi's Egyptian God cards and finally besting him in a duel. None of his attempts are successful so Seto decides to pay Pegasus a visit, knowing he would have devised a way of defeating the God cards.


Unknown to Pegasus another card is secretly planted by the spirit of Anubis, a trap card called The Pyramid of Light. Kaiba challenges Pegasus to a duel , where if he loses he will give Pegasus his prize Blue-Eyes White

 Anubis Awakens
Anubis Awakens

Dragons. Kaiba defeats Pegasus and takes the two cards. One being the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Seto sends Mokuba to bring Yugi to his arena to duel him with his plan to humiliate Yugi by defeating him with his own Egyptian Gods. Once Yugi summons Slifer the Sky Dragon to the field Kaiba activates his Obligatory

 The Egyptian Gods Ra, Obelisk, and Slifer
The Egyptian Gods Ra, Obelisk, and Slifer

Summon magic card that forces Yugi to summon his other two God cards.

Yami Yugi quickly figures out there is something gravely wrong with their duel once Kaiba activates his Pyramid of Light card, destroying the three Egyptian Gods. The Pyramid has another effect as well, one that pulls the spirit of Yugi Motu inside of the Millennium Puzzle. Joey (Jonouchi) and Tristan (Honda) watch and are too close when the Pyramid forms and are also transported inside of the puzzle by the eye of Anubis. Outside Mokuba, Tea, and Solomon watch helpless.

Inside the puzzle, Yugi discovers more chambers, being familiar with the inner workings of the Millennium Puzzle. He meets up with Joey and Tristan while he is running from a swarm of mummies. Yugi soon figures out from his earlier trip to the museum, where he and Tea met up with his grandpa to see the Egyptian Artifacts, which includes the actual Pyramid of Light. An inscription that his grandfather reads says "The eye that sees what's yet to come its vision shall be fulfilled unless blinded by events predetermined." Yugi figures out they have to go back to the tomb of Anubis that resides in a portion of the puzzle.


Meanwhile Kaiba and Yami Yugi's duel takes on the form of a Shadow Duel as each time either of them loses life points they lose a bit of their life force, which is fueling Anubis's return. Yami Yugi proves even without his God cards he is still more than a match for Kaiba as the two fight on an even level. That is until Kaiba is able to summon out his newest monster acquired from Pegasus, the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon!

Outside of their duel the arena begins to crumble, Pegasus shows up in time to save the others, having figured out what is going on. Tea wants to help her friends so she gives her soul to the Eye of Anubis to enter the Puzzle. She reminds Yugi, Joey and Tristan of their friendship bond, where Anubis decides to trap her inside as well.

 Yugi figures out the prophecy.
Yugi figures out the prophecy.

Kaiba's master plan has come to ahead, as he prepares to use his Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon's special ability to destroy the Pyramid of light against Anubis's will, who has been inside of his head all along guiding him through the duel. Kaiba is not one to be controlled and fights against Anubis. The Ancient God has gained enough of their life force to become real and takes Kaiba out of the game, and duel himself against the Pharaoh. Yami is down to his few last cards, all seems to be in Anubis's favor. Inside of the Puzzle Yugi finally figures out that the dagger that was with the mummy in the museum is the key to the prophecy. He finds it and hurls it at the Eye of Anubis inside of the chamber, cracking it.

 Yami brings back Seto's Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Yami brings back Seto's Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

This gives Yami the chance he needs to defeat Anubis. He activates his Double Spell card that allows him to use a spell card in his opponents graveyard and selects Monster Reborn to bring back the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.. He finishes what Kaiba started and destroys the Pyramid of Light. Anubis has become stronger now and isn't going without a fight, with the Pyramid gone he summons forth his greatest monster yet, Thinien The Great Sphinx. Yami uses his last card, Reverse of Reverse which allows him to play the last card Kaiba placed on the field, Return from the Different Dimension. With that card Yami Yugi is able to bring back his three Egyptian God cards combining their power together for infinite attack power and destroys Thinien.

Anubis isn't done yet, he reforms into a monster of his own, where now reality and Duels are one, he tells them "It is no longer time to duel, it is time to die". With their souls returned to their bodies, Joey, Tristan and Tea escape the collapsing building with Pegasus, Solomon and Mokuba. Yugi and Kaiba still have to defeat Anubis. Kaiba figures out how to defeat Anubis and tosses Yugi his Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, which both Yugi and Yami use together activating it's Shining Nova Attack destroying Anubis once and for all.

Millennium World

 The Pharaoh
The Pharaoh

Millennium World is the beginning of the end featuring a fan favorite epic duel. The Pharaoh finally regains his memories and his true name, but before he can do that he, along with Yugi and his friends must travel back to Ancient Egypt and defeat one last threat. To move on with the future they must relive the past.

Many Years ago...


We see Siamun Mutou (Solomon Motu) traveling with two guides in desert heading to the Valley of the Kings. Once they reach their destination they enter a tomb where Siamun reads a warning to all that enter. “Beyond this point…rests the great pharaoh…beware, o you who would disturb him…the gods shall punish you…your body will rot and your soul be cursed to eternal darkness…” As they journey on they come upon the remains of thieves who


have come before those who have failed to solve the first game room. Suddenly the door shuts behind them, spikes coming out of the wall as it begins to close in on them. The entire


room is booby trapped, statues move along the paths armed with swords attacking Siamun and his guides. Being a master at games Siamun quickly figures out that “in ancient Egypt the pharaoh was a god!! And statues dedicated to the pharaoh always have the left foot forward. It symbolizes taking your heart from your left chest and presenting it to your god, the pharaoh, as a token of absolute loyalty!”

He shouts to his guides to keep their left leg forward as they walk or the statues will attack. One of his guides, Mushara, panics and tries to run being impaled by one of the statues, angering his older brother. He threatens Siamun, pointing a gun at his head and forces him to continue. They come upon more hieroglyphs, “The Ka sealed in the stone slabs shall judge you…the cowardly will be eaten by demons…the courageous will be shown the way…” In the next room lies a pit



with a stone pathway across it, engraved on the path are the stone tablets depicting duel monsters.

Siamun proceeds across the path, and just as he makes it to the end his guide shoots him in the back leaving Siamun to fall to his death. Suddenly the tablet the guide stands

on comes alive and devours him. Siamun fears this is his end as he holds on to the edge of the pathway, looking up he sees a spirit, the image of the pharaoh. He reaches for Siamun, having been waiting for him. Siamun is saved and obtains the treasure that lies in the pharaoh’s tomb, the Millennium Puzzle.


Flash forward to present day, Yugi’s grandfather remembers his trip, and how Yugi’s troubled destiny began. Up in his room Yugi sits with the gold box that

held the millennium puzzle before him, which now holds the 3 Egyptian god cards. He makes a promise to his “other self” that he will help him find his memories. Yugi has a difficult time getting to sleep that night, he is excited to finally help the Pharaoh get back his memories. Unknown to Yugi someone is lurking outside his window, the cloaked thief breaks in stealing the box that holds the god cards. Yugi races off after the mysterious thief to get them back.

Yugi finds the thief unconscious in an alley way, Bakura standing over him, and handing the box back to Yugi, scolding him about his duty to keep them safe. Yugi realizes that Bakura is once again wearing the millennium ring. He tells Yugi that when the time comes he will give him the ring, but for now he gives Yugi the millennium eye that he took from Pegasus. Bakura shares what he knows wit Yugi, what will happen when all the 7 items are placed in the tablet in the village of Kul Elna, how it will open a door to the underworld. He also reveals to Yugi about the dark spirit trapped inside of him ring causing Yugi to distrust his one time friend even more.


The next day Yugi heads to the museum with his friends, including a normal Bakura, to view an ancient Egyptian tablet that is on display. They are greeted by Bobasa, who was sent by Shadi to accompany Yugi and protect Yugi and the millennium items. He pulls open his shirt revealing the Millennium Key and Scales that are imbedded into him, as well as places for all the other items. As they make their way through the museum Anzu stops at a souvenir shop picking up a cartouche pendant for the pharaoh to carve his name on when he finds it. They continue on to the stone tablet, where the Pharaoh must present the three god cards, as he does a mystic energy emanates from the carving of the Millennium Puzzle on the tablet transporting the Pharaoh back to Ancient Egypt.


World of Memories

Back in the museum Yugi realizes that the spirit of the Pharaoh has left the puzzle, since he can no longer sense him. Bobasa tells them that he is now

reliving his past life, in the world of memories. The Pharaoh must relive his cruel fate once more, his death for a second time.

The Pharaoh awakens in Ancient Egypt, still with no memory of his past self. At first he is confused at what is happening, he sees some familiar faces and


is witness to the six Priests who all possess a Millennium Item. He watches as a prisoner is brought in and judge by the Priest’s, who extract the evil Ka living inside of him with their Millennium Items, and imprison it into a stone slab.

In the present, the gang, decide they want to go help the Pharaoh asking Bobasa if there is a way. He tells them there is and uses the Millennium Key to unlock a doorway to the world of memories, one that lies within the Millennium Puzzle!!


Meanwhile the Pharaoh still struggles to understand what is happening, when Isis gets a vision of a disturbing future with the power of her Millennium Tauk (Necklace). Someone with incredible powers of Heka approaches. Outside a King of Thieves from Kul Elna, dressed in gold that he robbed from graves, the Great Bakura has come to see him. He forces his way past the Guards dragging a mummy behind him, making his way to the throne room. The thief reveals that the treasures he wears he stole from the tomb of Akhenamkhanen, and the mummy he removed from the coffin is the father of the current Pharaoh. Bakura demands they hand over the Millennium Items to him and asks the Priest’s if they will pass judgment on him.


Present day, Yugi and his friends prepare to enter the Millennium Puzzle, but first they must all be judged by the Millennium Scale, if any of their souls contains any evil or deception that person will not be allowed to enter. Bakura fails the judgment and must leave; the evil spirit within his Millennium ring not concerned, for part of him already resides within the Millennium Puzzle. Bobasa unlocks the power of the Millennium Key taking them into the Puzzle.

Back in Ancient Egypt, the Priest’s try to use their Item’s on Bakura, the Scale unable to weigh the evil in him, the Tauk seeing disaster, they Eye seeing a bottomless pit of shadow within his soul, a powerful hatred. Bakura is amused, the Millennium Items having been created by destruction, shadow power hiding inside of them. Shada tries to use his Key to enter Bakura’s soul bringing out a powerful Ka, Diabound the Beast Spirit of Death! Seto tries to seal it within a sealing stone, which can not hold Diabound and shatters.


Seto summons forth a Ka from the Shrine of Wedju, where all the imprisoned Ka is kept, along with the stone tablets of the

Gods. The monsters do battle, Diabound proving to be more powerful than it appears, and defeats Seto’s Ka. Bakura tells them of the dark magic that was used to create the Millennium Item’s. In the village of Kul Elna, this now lays in nothing but ruin with a hidden tomb beneath it. There in the tomb is the tablet of the afterworld and that whoever possesses all seven will be given the power of the shadows by the evil god Zorc Necrophades. Bakura accuses the late Pharaoh of wanting that power to rule the world, which angers Yami. Siamun, who resembles Yugi’s grandfather, tells Yami of how honored he was serving his father, he was his vizier for many years and he was a good man. He was a strong Pharaoh who was dedicated to bringing peace to his country and people. The Priest’s summon forth more Ka to battle against Diabound, all of the failing.


Yami pushes Bakura aside picking up the mummified corpse of his father. The Priest’s summon forth more beasts to protect the Pharaoh, trying to restrain Diabound. Yami stands to fight Bakura, his father’s voice echoing a message in his head, “Justice lies in the name of the gods…” From the Shrine of Wedju Yami summons forth the Egyptian God Obelisk the Tormentor! Bakura attacks Obelisk with Diabound, the attack doing nothing, the Pharaoh countering with his own attack With his Ba (life force) weakened Bakura uses Diabound’s special ability to escape and fight another day.

Present day, Yugi and his friends have awaken inside of the Millennium Puzzle, which is a twist of stairways and doors, a fourth dimension, full of traps. Yugi asks Bobasa what their role will be once they reach the world of dreams, since they never existed in ancient times. Bobasa tells him that their duty is to find the lost name of the Pharaoh. It is the keyword to open the door to the afterworld, and the last trial for the one who solved the Millennium Puzzle. Unknown to them the evil spirit of the Thief Bakura listens in.

Ancient Egypt, over the days following Bakura’s attack the six Priests’ hones their skills in duels against each other. Mahado, who is Captain of the Royal Tomb Guard, takes a command of soldiers to Pharaoh Akhenamkhanem’s tomb, to protect against another attack by Bakura. Before he goes we meet Mana, his sorcerer student who resembles that of the Dark Magician Girl. She wants to go along with her master but is persuaded to remain at the palace.


At Pharaoh Akhenamkhanem’s tomb, Mahado enters alone leaving his guard outside baiting Bakura into a trap. Bakura follows the Priest into the tomb to face Mahado in a duel and take his Millennium Ring. The Priest has no intention in leaving the tomb alive, his guards raising a stone slab outside of the tomb and sealing it shut. The two duel, Bakura summoning his Diabound and Mahado summoning forth his Magician of Illusions. He gives his Heka to his spirit to unleash a powerful attack that fails so in turn Bakura activates one of the traps in the tomb, the Axe Trap, a series of swinging blades that pass over the walkway they duel on. The Thief unleashes a powerful attack that to his dismay doesn’t finish off Mahado and his spirit. Knowing his life is at an end the Priest casts on last spell that only a Spirit Sorcerer can cast once, to fuse his Ka with his Ba, his spirit with his soul. Mahado pledges his spirit to the Pharaoh as his


eternal servant before he is sliced by the Axe Trap. His spirit remains even though his body is gone to deliver one last attack on Bakura, Black Magic Attack that sends the thief plummeting off the stone walkway and into the dark pit below. Outside the guards watch as Mahado’s fused spirit appears on the stone slab, which they then return to the Pharaoh, who hears the Priest’s pledge becoming the Dark Magician. The Pharaoh’s most loyal spirit servant



Meanwhile Yugi and his friends try to find the secret door that will take them to Ancient Egypt so that they can aid the Pharaoh. All they find behind the many doors are traps or memories of Yugi’s past. One such door draws Yugi, making his chest hurt as he reaches for the door and opens it. Behind it lies the memory of Yugi’s Duelist Kingdom duel against Kaiba, where his other self nearly risked killing Kaiba. Yugi finally realizes that they are lost in the maze not because of his other self not knowing where he belongs but the opposite, it’s them. The longer they are lost there the more complex the maze gets and the more doors appear. The maze is a reflection of their own hearts, all the doors they see are fake, and the key to the real door is hidden. Yugi looks at the smiley face that Joey had been marking the doors they’ve opened with and realizes they need to focus on why they are there, what they are


looking for. They all put their hands together and think of the Pharaoh, the Millennium Puzzle representing unity, once their hearts are united the walls of the puzzle open revealing the hidden door to Ancient Egypt. From the shadows the evil spirit of Bakura watches, laughing as he know has access to the past as well. The gang wants to head to the Palace to see The Pharaoh, Bobasa informs them since they do not exist in this world no one will be able to see them, including the Pharaoh. Their purpose there is to find the Pharaoh’s true name.

At the Palace Seto asks to take his patrol into the city to search for Bakura, not knowing if he is dead or alive. The Pharaoh allows it, as long as Seto makes sure none of the people are hurt, Bakura being their only target. Priest Shada accompanies Seto out into the city, at his request since Shada possesses the Millennium Key which can look into a man’s heart. Seto plans to search the hearts of any suspicious people who may have a powerful and potentially dangerous Ka living inside of them. Shada reluctantly agrees to help Seto as they set foot in the city to the amazement of the people. The guards find a criminal in one of the bars taking him to Shada, who finds a potentially dark Ka inside of him. The man tells Seto he will be judged by the White Dragon, which in turn has the man tossed into the desert as he and Shada continue their search.


Not far Yugi and his friends witness a crowd throwing rocks at a young woman, calling her names because of her pale white skin and blue eyes. They try to help the girl in vain since they are not of physical form; Seto comes to inspect what the noise is all about, the gang in shock of how much he resembles Seto Kaiba. The Priest is angered that the town’s people threw rocks at a defenceless woman and threatens to cut all of them for their acts. Shada’s Key discovers a strong spirit within her, one of incredible power, a White Dragon. Seto has her taken back to the Palace and orders that no one speak of this to the Pharaoh.

Yugi and his friends decide to follow the Priests back to the Palace, unable to get inside. Bobasa tells them that the will of the Pharaoh keeps out intruders; it is why they cannot pass through the walls. Inside The Pharaoh senses something, dismissing it as nothing as Seto enters unable to confirm if Bakura lives. Meanwhile the thief lurks in the city, stopping at a place to get some food, where the Bakura locates his former self to continue their revenge on the Pharaoh.

At the Shrine of Wedju, Seto finds Priest Lord Akhenaden, he tells him of the people he captured and sent to the prison tower. Akhenaden pleads with Seto to let the people go before he starts down a path of darkness. Seto reveals he found a person with a Ka to rival the gods, which shocks Akhenaden, he also informs the Lord that he will extract the Ka from the girl once she has rested and he will torture the prisoners to find the best way to do so. Akhenaden is stunned, watching as Seto leaves and trembles with fear that his son is going down the same dark path he did.


At the Palace Bakura uses the new power his Diabound gained when he took possession of the Millennium Ring, the spirit able to cloak Bakura allowing him to walk right past the guards and into the Palace. He heads to the Shrine of Wedju startling Akhenaden, who tries to summon a Ka from the stone slabs which are destroyed by Diabound who is already hiding in the walls. Bakura reveals to the Lord that he is the last survivor from Kul Elna and he will use Akhenaden to get his revenge. Outside the Priests screams are heard, the Pharaoh and his guards running to investigate.


The Pharaoh sees the Thief fleeing the scene who tells him that his fall has begun. Diabound slaughters the Pharaoh’s guards as he escapes, the Pharaoh chasing after the thief on horseback summoning forth the God Osiris (Slifer the Sky Dragon). Outside the Palace Yugi and his friends rest, woken up by Bakura followed by the Pharaoh. They do battle, Diabound hides in the ground trying to trick the Pharaoh, and Bakura realizes he won’t be able to defeat the Pharaoh’s God so he charges into the city having his Diabound attack. The Pharaoh uses Osiris to protect the people from the falling debris leaving the God vulnerable to attack. He uses a lighting burst from Osiris to propel the dragon upwards away from the people as Diabound attacks. The Pharaoh interrupts Diabound's attack with Osiris having the dragon take them higher into the night sky. Bakura has Diabound become invisible hiding from the Pharaoh’s attacks. With Diabound able to hide in the darkness and the people’s lives in danger the Pharaoh has no choice but to give Bakura what he wants, his Millennium Pendant. While Bakura is distracted the Pharaoh makes one last move, he commands Osiris to attack Bakura.


The Thief laughs it off as his Diabound appears behind the Pharaoh preparing to kill him when suddenly the Priests arrive with their spirits saving the Pharaoh’s life. Together they duel against Bakura’s Diabound to no avail. The Pharaoh uses the weakened Osiris to draw out Diabound at the cost of his own Ba (life force) and command Seto to attack quickly. Bakura tricks them by using another Ka that Seto’s strikes, ready to attack with Diabound. With his life force nearly depleted the Pharaoh is too weak to summon the dragon of light, Ra. He hears voices calling to him as Yugi and his friends appear, aiding the Pharaoh. The sky above begins to rumble as light breaks through the darkness, bright like a sun, the Sun Dragon Ra appears. With the darkness gone Diabound is revealed giving the Pharaoh and the Priests the


chance they need to defeat it. Bakura’s Diabound can absorb any abilities of the Ka it defeats, he unleashes Osiris’s lightning attack on Ra, Seto sends his Ka to deflect the attack saving the God. The Pharaoh uses the fire of his soul transforming Ra into flame and attacks Diabound sending it and Bakura back into the darkness.


Time is rewound, Bakura is revived, and Yugi and his friends are returned back to where they witnessed the epic battle in the Egyptian skies. They rush to once again aid the Pharaoh but are halted by their Bakura. Meanwhile the Pharaoh decides to chase after the Bakura of his time to stop the darkness that threatens to use his memories to rewrite history.

Meanwhile back at the palace Akhenaden rests, an evil presence in his room waking him. It is a monstrous figure that resembles the Priest, claiming to be the Lords true self. He is the evil that was born when Akhenaden made a pact with the darkness, and he tells the Lord the story of what is to come and what has passed. This world exists inside the Millennium Puzzle, one of the memories of the Pharaoh and him, Nechrophades, and if he wins here he can be reborn and kill the Pharaoh. Suddenly the spirit of Bakura that resided in the puzzle as well appears to tell him of his other self’s defeat with the aid of Yugi and his friends. Zorc decides its time to go pay a visit to the Pharaoh and his friends, what they did to his Bakura he will not let happen. Zorc displays his incredible power casting Memory Reverse!!

Bakura challenges Yugi revealing his true identity, the dark soul that has taken his form is in fact Zorc Necrophades and grows a duel disc from his own arm. He informs them that everything the Pharaoh has learned in the modern world exists there as well. Yugi and Joey use this to make their own duel discs and decks appear. Joey challenges Bakura first to a duel, which if they lose in this memory world they lose so much more...their lives.

Elsewhere the Pharaoh continues his pursuit of the King of Thieves Bakura, who lures the Pharaoh into a trap. His Diabound hide within the shadows, emerging to destroy the earth bridge that the Pharaoh sits upon with is horse. The Pharaoh grasps the edge before Bakura rips the Millennium Puzzle from around Pharaoh’s neck, who then plunges into the darkness below as the memory world fades into blackness.

Millennium Item: Millennium Puzzle


Origin: Originally known as the Millennium Pendant, it was referred to as the Puzzle after it was shattered into pieces. Pharaoh Aknamkanon was the original owner of the Pendant, until he fell ill and died it was passed it on to his son, Atem. After Atem defeated Zorc at the cost of his own life, he used his name as a part of the spell that sealed part of Zorc and the Atem's own soul in the Millennium Items. Atem's soul was sealed in the Pendant which was shattered and sealed in Atem's tomb. The young Pharaoh's memory was wiped including his name so that he could not recall the spell, and the binding could never be undone. 3000 years later Solomon Motu recovers the Millennium Puzzle in the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh. His grandson Yugi spends the next 8 years trying to figure it out, and once assembled he unlocks the resting spirit of the Pharaoh and becomes a host to him. Whenever Yugi duels or needs the Pharaoh's aid he is transformed into Yami Yugi.

Abilities : The puzzle is able to fulfill one wish of the person who had solves it and heighten the owner's chance of success in a game. The hieroglyphics enscribed on the puzzle say, "The one who solves me shall gain the powers and knowledge of darkness." Upon solving it Yugi's wish was for friends to which he credits it for his friendship with Katsuya Jonouchi.


Here are the cards Yami uses Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician of Black Chaos, Feral Imp, Celtic Guardian, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Gaia the Dragon Master, Cursed Dragon, Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer The Sky Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor, Kuriboh, Hokarthy The God of Light, Gazelle the Mythical Beast, Gazelle the Two Headed Beast, Big Shield Guardina, The Tricky, Bounce Rebellion, Swords of Revealing Light, Monster Reborn, Black Luster Soldier, Black Luster Dragon Master, Multiply, Magical Hats, Lightforce Sword, Mystical Elf.

Pegasus. He is the creator of the duel monsters that were used in the Yu-Gi-Oh series. He was said to be able to read people's minds which was true because of his Millennium item. He got the Millennium Eye in the same place that he learned about the duels of the Pharaoh (which was Yami) and the young Priest (which was Seto). The Millennium Eye replaced his left eye, where after losing it has a horrible scar that is never seen but eluded to. He saw these great stone glyphs and decided to create a game with the same concept (except it meant the loser lost his or her soul when challenged to a Shadow Duel that could be summoned by a Millennium item). That's when he found the God monster stone tablets (which is what they dueled with in Ancient Egypt). He thought their powers were too great after he made the cards so he tried to bury them. (However Marik found the cards and stole them.)

Powers and Abilities

By combining with the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle Yugi Muto and Atem the Pharoah become one

Signature cards

Normal Monsters - Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Beta the Magnet Warrior, Celtic Guardian Curse of Dragon, Dark Magician, Gaia the Firece Knight, Gamma the Magnet Warrior Jack's Knight, Queen's Knight, Summoned Skull

Effect Monsters - Dark Magician Girl, King's Knight, Obelisk the Tormentor, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian, Slither the Sky Dragon, Valkyrian the Magna Warrior, Winged Dragon of Ra

Fusion Monsters - Dark Paladin, Dragon Master Knight, Gaia the Dragon Champion, Chimera the Mystical King of Beasts

Ritual Monsters - Black Luster Soldier, Magician of Black Chaos

Spell Cards - Brain Control, Eye of Timaeus, Magical Hats, Monster Reborn, Mystic Box, Swords of Revealing Light

Trap Cards - Magic Cylinder, Mirror Force, Spellbinding Circle

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