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The legendary exorcist Genkai is about to pass on her explosive demon-smiting techniques to just one student. Trouble is, one of the people battling for the honor is a demon in disguise: the sadistic Rando. Can Yusuke defeat him? Complicating matters is the quartet of demonic criminals plotting a monstrous attack on the mortal world.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 27 - Mortal Manuevers in the Dark!!
  • Chapter 28 - To Fight a Master!!
  • Chapter 29 - Kaze-Maru — Ninja !!
  • Chapter 30 - Shaolin = Randō!?
  • Chapter 31 - The Raging Fist!!
  • Chapter 32 - Genkai's Successor is Chosen!!
  • Chapter 33 - Challenge from Demon City!!
  • Chapter 34 - The Gate of Betrayal!!
  • Chapter 35 - Genbu is... The Very Rock!!

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