Young Justice Legacy Interview and Gamplay Footage

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Angry Joe interviews Sharon Scott, Lead Story/Editor of Young Justice Legacy, Brandon Vietti and Greg Wiseman, the series producers. They explore why they're timejumps, why the roster changes and much more. Also info on Young Justice Legacy

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Wish it was a fighting game. License-based games are rarely worth the money.

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But Arkham Asylum was a license-based game isnt it?

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I am for one impressed with what I've seen! I've also heard that they're cleaning up the graphics (or something to that effect), so it actually might look better than that. I love, love LOVE the Marvel Ultimate Alliance/X-Men Legends Games so this is gonna be great I'm sure.

I also like that they explained the 3 characters limit and went more into the team Alpha, Beta and Gamma thing. good stuff.

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Honestly nothing wrong with the Marvel UA gameplay. This makes the game actually look playable. I feared it was gonna be crap

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I'm interested now. I do like that this takes place between season 1 and 2, and from the look of the roster I get the feeling we may see the events that lead to...

I do like the roster of heroes who are playable as well.
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Okay, just watched the video of the interview that I didnt get to see earlier, WOW! YAY! My 2nd favourite cartoon is having its own game. yippie

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Interesting, I didn't know they had always planned to jump in time if they had a second season. Perhaps if they would of let fans in on this there wouldn't have been such backlash

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