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I know this is about a week old, but here is some information about the new Young Justice cartoon: 
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Nice video!  The new show should prove quite fun, though I wonder why they didn't just make another teen titans show since many of these Young Justice characters are currently Titans in the comics (plus seeing Starfire in a form more akin to her comic book incarnation would be awesome).
Nevertheless, this show seems action packed and will give many younger heroes who haven't had much exposure beyond the comics a chance to shine.

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Shouldn't be tagged Arrowette. Should be tagged Artemis. That's NOT Arrowette :(

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@Crazy Pan said:
"Shouldn't be tagged Arrowette. Should be tagged Artemis. That's NOT Arrowette :( "

The character's name in the show is called Artemis, but the character they actually use is based on Arrowette from the comics.
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Yeah Artemis is based on Arrowette but according to the producers theyr're 2 different people with no relationship and that arroweete will appear in the series,.
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There are multiple Young Justice threads


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