The leagues VS The Light

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We all know that this is possible to happen

Let's see what and who we have for the both parties in an eventualy fight

The Team: Nightwing- skilled hand to hand combatant, team leader, good strategist.

Batgirl, Robin: skilled fighters, strategists. Mal Duncan- Would become Vox or Herald in season 2.

Miss Martian, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Blue Beetle- the team powerhouses.

Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Impulse, Tempest (probably), Lagoon Boy, Kid Flash-Team members with powers.

Justice League:

I'm not clear with who's the leader now, i'm assuming captain atom assigns missions.

Oh, Well:

Aquaman, Captain Atom(maybe), Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate- powerhouses

Flash, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Zattana, Black Canary, Rocket, Atom, Green Arrow, maybe Red Arrow- other members.

Batman, Superman, Green Lanterns, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Icon, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter are gone-and the villains know it ( Psimon told in one episode that Batman is out of the picture).

Now.. on the other hand, we've got the light.

Lex Luthor, Savage, Ra's Al Ghul, Brain- Good strategists, The Light leaders. ( Queen bee maybe a good strategist too, i'm not aware of her)

Other good strategists: Black Manta, Sportsmaster (even if he have differences with Manta over artemis "death") Maybe Riddler( he really looked dummy here).

Powerhouses: Terror Twins, Blockboster, Klarion, Devastation, Mamooth, Black Adam..and Black Beetle who took down all team in the last episode.

Other members: Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost Icicle Jr & Sr., Ultra-Humanite, Monsieur Mallah, Psimon, Black Spider, Count Vertigo, Mamooth sister with new powers, League of Shadows, Pr. Ivo and T.O Morrow , The Reach, Deathstroke ( maybe a good strategist in the cartoon too), Tigress ( even if she is a double agent), Aqualad ( who have big chances to forget about his double-agent role), maybe Bane.

Wotan is seen captured by Doctor Fate in season one and i don't think he escaped, if really escaped that brings out more trouble.

and yeah.. a lot of "meat" (BB voice).

Despero also is seen in a trailer.

Arsenal could join the team but as well can go solo and stand down in the final battle, then we have Static, Long Shadow, El Dorado and maybe a few other kids that the reach "had fun" with.

Chesire could join the light in this battle, stand down or go with Red Arrow if he joines the league forces.

The Team and the League may have the army, but is still unclear as in comic con 2012 trailer an army ( maybe US one) was atacking the hall of justice.

The Forever People also could be an ace in sleeve, but still The Light could also be in touch with DarkSide.

Is clear that The Light and The Reach have prep time , plus some advantages, The Team have Artemis undercover and maybe Aqualad when he recoveres.

If the battle would go down like that, without the heores gone arriving in time who do you think would win or what's your scenario on this?

( yes, we all know that are big chances the fight won't go down like that but at least we can have some fun imagine till january).

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The Light has backup plans for its back up plans. If the show is cancelled, it will be just like Spectacular's ending

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i hope the light thing ends soon and we get a new season with something like deathstroke.....that would be awesome...

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I don't know, i guess Deathstroke is already in "The Light" organization and that's why artemis found herself teamed up with him..

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It would be nice to see more of Slade again. He was the best character out of the Teen Titans TV Series, and it's a shame he wasn't used for JLU. He would have some interesting conversations with the Batman Family in YJ.

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