Poptimal-NYCC interview- Weisman & Vietti on Young Justice 28 min

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Although the sound is annoying the parse, the interview has a lot of substance to it with respect to their process, repeats a lot of what was said at the panel, and even gives a few extra spoilers away (ex: Artemis will be introduced by episode 6 as Green Arrow's sidekick and is the last to join the team; by episode 22 someone will confront Batman on whether a 9 year old sidekick was a good idea and his answer will be controversial; etc). 

If you're eagerly anticipating this show, like to know the creative process, or want to hear "Why Dick and Wally but not Tim and Bart?" explained again from the creators' mouths, it's worth a watch.
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Machinima also had a 5 minute interview (concise but mostly repetitive material):

 The one thing they highlight is how strongly they're plotting the timing / continuity of the show.  Given this almost "real time" approach, there's a potential for the characters to actually age and grow over time... those holding out for Tim and Bart might see them one day if the show keeps going under this approach.
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This show is going rock!! No doubts about it.

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