Only 2 months to save Young Justice

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The above link displays a screenshot of a post on the DC Nation face book page - a post from someone who rang one of the higher-ups at CN and was told that "if the fans want to turn things around for YJ, we have two months to do so and we need THOUSANDS of more viewers". So all is not lost yet, keep watching and please encourage friends to watch the show, because a noticeable increase in viewers will save it. It's likely that by 'two months', the director means the seven weeks left of the show's run. So make sure you do your bit to try and increase ratings for each of those 7 episodes!

if you want to save YJ and or GL:TAS, you will have to promote the HELL OUT FOR THESE SHOWS! Do what ever it takes, tell someone about it, relate with them about there favorite show that was cut short, also download from itunes as toonami gave plenty of other ways to support the show. Finally spread this blog by reblogging (like I've been doing), do wanna another show to disappear.

As I take a que from MangoSirene, Stay Asterous!

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Pretty much turn every TV in your house to YJ when its on. I hope we save this show.

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@Lightburst: Exactdemondo!

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from what is know , the show have high ratings already..i guess is just a delay tactic BUT anyway we'll still watch it..and since this is the last thing we'll have from actual dc nation more and more will..

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Ratings is being used as an excuse. It is the highest rated day time show for CN. For example, Dreamworks "How to Train a Dragon" ratings were so low in "Young Justice" time slot it back in October that the show had to be pulled and replaced with other original show reruns. My guess it is cost benefit decision. This is not new territory for CN. They cancelled JL at least twice and then cancelled JLU as well until they indicated the show was in hiatus for an extended period.

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