Jason Spisak had a really bad day...

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Well in GL:TAS the love of his character's life died. Then in YJ, his own character died. Pretty miserable day to be a character voiced by Spisak. At least in GL: TAS they left the show with hope. While Wally is probably not dead, YJ ending was really quite a downer.

PS: Professionally it must suck for him too since he was voicing main character in two shows that got cancelled simultaneously.

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I didn't think it was a downer ending. It was Bittersweet, they saved the world, but lost a friend (and if there was a new Season, I think Wally would be back too). But because of the cliff hanger, Luthor new Secretary General and Darkseid showing up, it appeared to be more downer than it really was.

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Well, if you look at it as a season finale then it opens up interesting doors for the next season. If you look at it as a series finale then it does feel like a downer because we won't get to see if Wally returns back or not.

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