Could Megan have beaten Despero with TP?

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Now, to those who have seen the latest episode, in which Megan refused to use her TP on Despero, would she have been able to beat him (Despero) had she attacked his mind?

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Despero was shown to be a hell of a lot stronger than most foes the team has faced. I doubt Megan would've stood a chance even if she did try to mind rape him.

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His third eye had an answer for Zatanna's magic, at least initially. Either way its a little PIS for whichever character loses.

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Given that Despero required Eye Contact to shut down Zatanna, and his droid's repeated indignation and insistence that magic/telepathy not be used because it's cheating, I'd say she'd have more than a fair chance. Why would the droid be so worried about telepathy and magic being used if they were just as ineffective as brute strength?

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In comics absolutely not but the Young Justice version of Despero seemed like more of a goon so maybe

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I like how she decided to grow a conscience in regards to her mind-raping abilities... just as soon as it was actually needed.

Miss M: "Hey, let me impulsively lobotomize people who piss me off, including supposed friends of mine and subsequently compromise their deep undercover mission!"

Bumblebee: "Cool beans, you think you could maybe do the same thing to Despero? 'Cuz you know, he's currently stomping us all."

Miss M: "What!? No! That's amoral and wrong. I'll never do it again."

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@JakeN7: Its an old cliche' but since that's what the episode seemed to be going for I guess we just have to let it slide

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@joshmightbe: True. I guess I'll let it slide...for now. I just despise her character in Young Justice.

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If it was Despero from the JL TV Series, No

But Despero from last week, Yes

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