A Way to Get Many Voices Heard At Once At CN

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Hello, Young Justice fans! I'm here on behalf of the efforts to get YJ and GLTAS renewed. As I am already sending CN a box with a Reach bottle and GLTAS blue flower and the box will have plenty of extra space, I'm filling the box with letters sent to me by fans of both shows. This is helpful in that it lets international fans get physical copies of letter to CN without having to pay for expensive postal service, physical copies have more weight to them (both figuratively and literally) than emails, and it groups together our voices and makes us a united front.

Therefore, I would like to ask that you all take a stab at writing a letter or at least pass this message on to those who might. If you do choose to write one, I'd ask that you include GLTAS in it (at least a mention, as it has suffered as well) and be polite. No threatening words, etc. I would like all letters to be in by noon (EST) on this upcoming Monday, though I will wait to send if someone thinks they'll need more time.

Email the letter to me at: saveyjandgltas@gmail.com

Thank you for your time,


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