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Aquatic Nazis?!?

First of all I'm sorry for the HUGE delay ,I really do this for the record, my pleasure and posterior uses.

Thanks to obsessive geeks, I could locate this happens a day after Episode 8 "Downtime". This time Aqualad decides return to Atlantis with Superboy and Miss Martian (who for respective reasons know speak atlantean); after meeting Kaldur's family, Queen Mera and some friends (You can see Lagoon Boy around too) they find out there have been some problems between "purists", descendents of the original atlanteans, or at least that how they considerate themselves, and the rest races, originated thanks to evolution, but more than problems they are being attacked (They remind me of Nazis ). We see who's the leader: Ocean Master (don't tell me is a spoiler, his face is on the next cover) and that he possesses Neptune's trident, after this they go to attack Mera when she sleeps,

Also we see some guy (I can't identify he) forcing this old man, "Jim Lockhart" (A retired hero known as Red Torpedo) to dig out the grave of a friend of him Danette Reilly (Also a former heroine), but don't reveal why he wants the body ......interesting.

Conclusion: Not so exited but very interesting, I'm really looking forward next one!, looks like they are preparing something cool for next issue.

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