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You're going to drive me CRAZY

Ok this issue explains us what's up with the last issue's cliffhanger and comes with.... 100% More Flashbacks :D

We start with the team walking through Gotham's sewers then we go to a Kaldur flashback about why they are there, and in the flashback they show us a flashback of why Batman assigned them the mission (yes a flashback in a flashback).

Then we go where the last issue left us, Talia with Clayface (that is a flashback of how Clayface arrived to the Wayne Tower) and then give us other flashback of how Matt Hagen became Clayface and another flashback of Batman having some romance with Talia and saying that his love is impossible, blah,blah blah and.... finally return where the issue begin :o

A lil' bit hard to understand but with a re-read you'll do it.

Lessons learned: Flashbacks are overrated and don't let your hopes fly too far (I was expecting more of this issue :I)

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