Wiccan and Speed; possibly Wanda's kids? My thoughts

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This isn't entirely crazy. Wiccan's new name (after Asgardian) could be a hint from Marvel, seeing as how witches and wiccans are similar to each other. Speed looks alot like Quicksilver as well as having the same power. If it turns out that this is true then doesn't this mean Hawkeye has kids?! Remember he and Wanda hooked up and he never told anybody about it. So he'd have a gay magic-weilder son, which he'd probably wouldn't take well, and a son who can move so fast he can break the sound barrier. And if Magneto finds out, it's over. I mean there's that weird affection that Pietro and Wanda had. Now a gay grandson, he's gonna have even more gray than he does now. The thing about it is that when Iron Lad used the Vision tech to find the next group of heroes that had any connection to the former Avengers think about it. Elijah is the grandson of the Black Captain America. Hulking is the son of Captain Marvel. Wiccan is possibly Hawkeye's lost son by Scarlet Witch. Uh think about it people, what else could be goin' on here? Did Pietro bang some mystery chick and leave her with the two kids? Did Magneto get his groove back? To me, they are Wand's kids. Wiccan is a magic-weilder, but how could he be that and a mutant? Speed looks too much like Eric and Pietro if you examine him. Prepare for an Avengers issue where Wanda confronts Hawkeye and Songbird about the two kids they had together. Can anybody yell Maury? 
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They wouldn't be Hawkeye's kids. His hook-up with Wanda was after Civil War. Wanda's kids were wiped out by Mephisto, and her believing them to be alive was one of her delusions during Dissassembled. It's been implied that Speed and Wiccan are her children's souls in different bodies - Since Speed and Wiccan already HAVE parents.  
Why would Magneto go nuts about having a gay grandson? He's a member of several minorities, and has been persecuted for both? So why would he attack anyone, least of all a member of his own family for being gay? 
Plus, Wanda is already a mutant and magic wielder, so I don't know if your question about Wiccan was rhetorical or not, but there you are.  
Your entire argument is bizarre, frankly. They're clearly being set up without question to be Wanda's children. It either means they ARE her children, or Heinberg is going to pull the rug from under their feet.
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yeah. I was kinda just zoning in and out of the whole topic while writing it. The true thing is that if they are the souls in different bodies then how was it possible for their powers to set in? I thought that was strickly genetics. Unless, she subconsciously sent their souls to different bodies or something. And the Magneto part was a joke kinda. He'd probably try to get Wiccan's help, but treat Speed like crud as he's done Pietro (possibly, not definitely).
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There would actually be no point of making Children's Crusade if she wasn't their mother. lol

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Good point. Really good. but then I'm confused. If Hawkeye isn't their father..........WHO THE HELL IS THEIR FATHER???!!!!!!!!!
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One thing I don't understand about Wiccan and Speedy being the reincarnation of her twin boys is that these boys are already in their mid-teens.At the time Mephisto reclaimed her twin boys soul's they were little boys and in the Marvel Comics,time moves slowly.So from that point up until now,its maybe been 7yrs that passed.So Wiccan and Speedy are to old to be her sons unless she sub-consciously placed her twin sons souls into bodies that were maybe on the border line of life and death which would be the bodies of Speedy and Wiccan.Thats the only way I can picture them being her sons.But knowing Marvel comic writers,they didn't pay attention to this error. 

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They're the Scarlet Witch and Vision's kids. Since the Vision doesn't really have genetic material, I'm guessing the genetic material used was Wonder Man's since the original vision had Wonder Man's brain patterns. It would make sense that the genetic material is his. It would explain Wiccan's black hair.

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Since their technically Vison's kids, doesn't that mean their teammate is their father or does that go to Wonder Man?
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Wanda created the kids herself. They weren't actual biological human beings. She had thought that she had enabled Vision to reproduce using her powers, but what she actually did was create two very elaborate illusions. Ultimately it was discovered that the children weren't real and it drove Wanda nuts. They still haven't fully explained the 'how' part of where Wiccan and Speed came from, but it's clear that they're supposed to be some sort of version of Wanda's original children. 
So, to answer part of your question, they don't have a father.
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@SladeRogers: It'll mean that Vision is, since Wanda didn't marry Wonder Man :]

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