Story Idea: Next Avengers (10 Years in the Future)

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I had an idea about what Marvel is currently doing with many of their younger characters and thought what the future of Marvel could be like. It would take place 10 years in the future of Marvel Universe where most of the current heroes actually vanished and went to the future. A new group of Avengers are currently in charge and defending the planet from past villains and new ones. Most of the Young Avengers have upgraded to the full Avengers team including side teams. 
Captain America: Patriot is the new Captain America and is leading the team of current Avengers. 
Iron Man: Even though he was transported into the future, he had a failsafe program of his mind in a android that maintains his existence. He helps the Avengers but knows he is not the true Tony Stark and has helped him realize his mortality. He develops a relationship with Jocasta and starts a family, even if it is full of androids. 
Iron Lad: Tony's young son that is being trained by him and the Avengers to be the future Iron Man. Has his genius multiplied do to the fact he is a living computer. 
Captain Marvel: Hulking is the new Captain Marvel, taking the mantel from his father. He has developed his powers and matured them to new levels. 
Scarlet Warlock:  Wiccan is now Scarlet Warlock, adopting the mantel from his mother. 
Doctor Grimm:  Nico Minoru is now Doctor Grimm, taking up the title of  Sorcerer Supreme. 
Valkyrie: Thor Girl is now Valkyrie, having been trained in Asguard and is now a skilled warror wielding a hammer that once belonged to Ragnarok's, Thor's clone. Bruiser: Molly Hayes, from Runaways, is now one of the most popular heroes in world and is one of the most powerful.   
Was still working on the other team of Avengers though, it involves a major conflict and other heroes having to bring the current Avengers into the future to help save the future. The idea is that we could then continue to see how these characters and team play out in a future universe.

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Molly is going to be a tank when she gets older..

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Kinda like MC2 but with current Young Avengers and Runaways then? It is only a matter of time before Hulkling becomes Captain Marvel. Isn't Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr going by Protector or something now? I really wanna see Thor Girl with the Young Avengers too.

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I like the idea of Hulkling as Captain Marvel.
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@PrinceIMC: Something similar and I think that MC2 had some interesting ideas but almost all the characters were created after the Marvel Universe 616, these would mainly be characters we know with the current heroes. Other hero groups would have changed to include a Next Fantastic Four, with the Richards Children, and Next X-Men, with many of the new students taking over.
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Add Laura Kinney as Talon. After all, if Wolverine can be with Avengers and X-Men, why not Laura?
Plus Molly Hayes - the powerhouse of a team.

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