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Hello! I haven't posted in a bit, so I'd thought I might share some ideas with you. I don't know about you guys, but I am SO HAPPY that the Young Avengers are getting their own ongoing again next month. Thank God for Marvel NOW. And to be honest, I'm pretty happy with the cast. I appreciate that Gillen is respecting Heinberg's work by not trying to force Patriot back onto the team. I'm very interested in what he's going to do with the team, and how the inclusion of Noh Varr and Loki will affect the dynamic. Mostly I think it's going to be awesome! But what I'm really looking forward to is when Gillen eventually expands the team to include more members. So, because I'm too impatient to wait for Gillen's run to start, I thought I'd speculate a bit on who he's likely to add/who I would like him to add. Here goes:

1. Shuri, the second Black Panther. The original concept of the YA was that they were all connected somehow to classic Avengers, and you don't get much more classic than BP. Shuri is a proven hero, having taken over as the Black Panther for her brother. She proved herself worthy to the Panther god, and I think she would bring an interesting perspective to the team after everything she went through in Wakanda.

2. Spider-Girl. One of the newer young heroes, relatively speaking. I think we've all accepted the fact that Spider Man is a permanent fixture in the Avengers for the time being, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not only would Anya be a good member because of her connection to the various Spider-people who have been Avengers, I think she would bring a youthfulness that the team could use.

3. X-23. Unfortunately, thanks to Bendis and Hugh Jackman, we can't seem to get the Avengers without Wolverine these days. The only good thing about that is that it makes X-23 eligible for the Young Avengers. I may not like Wolverine, but I really like X-23, and I always thought she fit better here than in Avengers Academy. I know she's stuck in Avengers Arena right now, but if she survives I would like to see her work her over to the YA. I definitely think she would cause some tension, and that's always fun.

4. Power Man. A character introduced in Shadowland, but who really hasn't been seen since Fear Itself. His connections to both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, his powers, and his personality would all make him an interesting addition. He already showed that he doesn't have any respect for Luke or Danny, so I'd love to see how he would interact with Noh-Varr. Plus he's a powerhouse. And besides that, he's an interesting character who deserves to go somewhere, and I think this would be a good place for him.

5. Phobos, son of the Mighty Avengers powerhouse Ares. I love both Alexander and his dad, and I think it's a shame they're both dead. Alexander was a great addition to Secret Warriors, and I think he'd be a good addition to Young Avengers as well. And sure, the YA already has Loki, but they have different powers; and besides, the real Avengers had Thor and Hercules as members as the same time, so why can't the Young Avengers have two gods?

6. Kevin Masterson, the second Thunderstrike. Since Wiccan left the Asgardian identity behind and learned more about his magic abilities, he has turned from the Young Avenger's Thor into the Young Avenger's Scarlet Witch, leaving a hole for a new "Thor". I've seen a lot of people suggesting Thor Girl, but because his father Eric was an Avenger, even being Thor for a time, based on the Young Avenger's concept, I think Kevin has a better claim to the team. Also, like X-23, I think Kevin would do better here than he was doing as a background character in Avengers Academy. Plus, his attitude problems would definitely cause some tension in the team, especially if you put him in the same room with Power Man.

So, that's who I'd like to see Gillen bring in on his Young Avengers run. Obviously he probably won't add that many new characters anytime soon, and some of them he probably can't use. But hopefully this is the start of a long run for the Young Avengers, and eventually, we can get to see all these characters come and go. So what do you guys think? Anybody I didn't mention that you'd like to see get brought in?

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im pretty excited that theyre coming back too, i remember the first solicit i saw for the original team and ever since then i couldnt wait to read more of the kids. heres some that id like to see join up: Powerman, and Thunderstrike for the same reasons youve stated. Victor Mancha, this kid is worthy of so much more then the Runaways will ever allow him to be. i want me some Victorious. Stonewall, he was by far my favourite member of the Secret Warriors, he didnt talk much but he had the strong silent type down pretty good. Nomad, i dont understand why they killed her off. she could have been the Black Widow to Patriot's Cap. Finesse, favourite member of the Avengers Academy, and the same powers as Taskmaster is always a positive. Skaar, simply put... hes a bloody Hulk. he doesnt have the control issues his dad does plus he has the Old Power. even if they kept him as a human kid id still take him over half the kids in Marvel.

now theres a few a dont care about getting a spot on the team but i think the dynamics would be good for having them: Mar, this kid is the same race as Marina of Alpha Flight, add in the fact that last we saw he was being raised by Namor and the kid could have some chops. Black Goliath, the nephew of the last Black Goliath. He started out with a bit of a hatred for the established heroes because of the death of his uncle, like Thunderstrike i think they should have stuck with the hole anti-establishment 2nd gen hero. theres too many boyscouts of there now

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@kid Apollo: Black Goliath would be interesting, I didn't know about that character. And with Cassie Lang dead they have the room for a size-changer

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I'd like to see Patriot and Speed return and maybe a couple of the Avengers Academy kids to join

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Wow! Love all these suggestions! I would kill to see Anya in the team but the sad reality is that the PTB will never allow two latinas on one time (ridiculous but true)

X-23 would be awesome. I hope she survives Avengers Arena and is then put on the Young Avengers as some kind of quasi-reward. Plus, Cap wants to integrate mutants more in to the superhero teams so I'm sure he'd be happy to have her on there too!

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@judasnixon said:



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Yes to 1, 2, 4 and 6. Plus Lyra. Maybe we can get two squads of Young Avengers heh.

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Lyra and Miss America have very similar powers. I'm all for Shuri though

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I would really like if he added Spider-Girl. I've been wanting to see this character more developed since I saw her appear in the spider island arc. Kieron Gillen is giving his all in this book and would take care of the character. Would really represent the Spider-Man side of the Young Avengers.

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Fear Itself: The Home Front #6
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@judasnixon: Best idea ever.

@council elite: Would love to see Spider-girl on the team.

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@council elite said:

Fear Itself: The Home Front #6
Who is the blond one ? 
She reminds me Thor.. I don't like her...

And is that Cho ? i was wondering where did he disappear..
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@Teerack: ya, she's pretty cool. i really liked the dynamic of these characters together in Fear Itself

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@D3athstroke: He's Thunderstrike lol

& ikr, Amadeus is one of my favorite characters ever, he's totally underrated & i'd like to see him in more comics.

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I'd like to see Dust

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We'll Speed and Prodigy seem to be joing the team

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Where is this from?

Anyway, aside from X-23, pretty much everyone else that's been listed are redundant.

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Just got back to reading comics and saw the Young Avengers are back (and in their own solo!). I am just too excited right now. Anyway, all I want in this new team is the addition of Finesse and/or Hellion (the latter being as likely as Robert Stark being alive).

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