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Ever wonder what the super hero equivalent of a terrible soul-sucking talent-wasting temp job is? You haven't? Oh go on. Actually, don't. We've done it for you and written a story about it. This one.

Wonder what Tommy (aka Speed) has been up to? Discover herein.

Wonder why mutant David Alleyne (aka Prodigy) hasn't been even in the background in any one of the eight thousand X-books? Discover that herein too.

Existential horror turns cosmic horror as something emerges from the shadows of the past. It seems the Young Avengers have yet one more thing to worry about.

David Alleyne (Prodigy) is working technical support, answering superhuman type questions. Then one day after getting chewed out by his boss David meets Tommy (Speed), and after Tommy finishes his work the pair go out to lunch together. David talks about he used to be an X-man but felt like the adult X-man were using the kids. Tommy tells David about he used to be part of the Young Avengers but quickly lost interest when the team wanted to settle down.

After lunch the two part ways but run into each other the next morning when they see David's boss complain about a break in over night. Once Tommy sees a video tape of the break-in he recognizes Patriot's costume, and this leads to Tommy and David staking out the office that night.

The criminal shows up again but when Speed confronts him, the Patriot suit wearing villain steals Speed's power and when he touches the young hero Speed disappears. The villain then turns to Prodigy and tells him he will never be able to find his friend, and disappears. This leaves Prodigy scared and confused about what just happened.

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