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His first appearance was in Mystery in Space #60 (June 1960) "Attack from the Tentacle World" making him the first living planet in comics by a couple of years.

He's a member and founder of a group called the Forgotten Villains (Mister Poseidon, Faceless Hunter, Atom-Master, Kraklow, Ultivac, Enchantress),. He also possess some kind of cybernetic tentacles which gives him a deathly range.

Yggardis (top left corner) and the Forgotten Villains
Yggardis (top left corner) and the Forgotten Villains

Yggardis Nickname appears to be ''The Sorcerer Planet'', we have seen him in one of Adam Strange adventures, after a time, he made a come back with the Forgotten Villains, in this version his tentacles has changed for something similar (if we can say) to the Doctor Octopus Adamantium tentacles.

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