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Yorick Brown and Agent 355 prepare for their ultimate quest to reunite the last man with Beth, while Dr. Mann travels to China to finally find the person or people responsible for the global gendercide.

Another issue that opens with a funky dream. This one has Beth warning Yorrick to stay out of Paris. Yorrick wakes up to find that Rose is the only one there. The two of them talk about the plans that were made while Rose was unconciious. In the Chinese market, 355 and Dr. Mann are talking about the recent events. 355 can tell Allison is holding something from her, when she finds out that Rose confessed to being a spy 355 runs back to their apartment. Leaving Dr. Mann at a time when she is starting to have pains again. In the United states, Hero is on a boat with Beth The Russian lady, and the two babies. Defending them against a group of Amazons who want to kill the baby boy. When 355 arrives at the apartment, she hears noises that sound like love making, Only to discover it is Rose and Yorrick egging Ampersand, and Bonny the female monkey on. The four main characters are talking on their balcony, and they bring up the cloning process. Dr Mann has figured she has to clone Yorrick at least 200 times to prevent in breeding. Rose excuses herself from the group, and goes to make a radio call. She calls the sub she was spying for and resigns. Allison overhears her, but does not believe her, and they argue. Unfortunately Rose begins to bleed between the legs again and passes out in front of Rose. Rose lowers her to the floor when 355 comes in with a gun drawn, not happy with the way things look.

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