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It's decision time for the mighty Warrior Princess . . . left for dead by the Romans on the cross, Xena struggles with delirium and deceit as she must decide her fate--to relive her dark past or to face the grim spectacle of her present. Tough choice when you have metal nails driven through your hands!


Xena is still trapped in an alternate world and continues to conquer in order to create a world of order. Gabby and Callisto bicker about what will happen with Xena's soul. Gabby prays to god as Xena creates a utopia paved with bloodshed. In Hell, Callisto and the Hell Lord have one final test for Xena before she fully becomes theirs.

Xena enters Gabby's village and the people accept her as ruler, except they won't condone her bloodshed. Gabby pleads with her that if it came down to this or death on a cross she would choose the latter. Xena is convinced she should stop and Gabby shows her Zeus is Callisto in disguise. Xena defeats Callisto and she returns to Hell. Xena is then returned to the cross with Gabby and the two die together in peace.

The soldiers plan to leave their bodies there until they get orders to removed their lifeless corpses.

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