What happened to Toad?

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Why is he the janitor in Wolverine and the x-men? i've never read any x-men comics before avx(altho i seen all the cartoons), but i rummaged around wikis and stuff but i'd rather someone expain this to me.

I mean sure Toad isn't the best but surely he could do more than the janitor? he was in the brotherhood of mutants!

How did he end up as a janitor? What lead him to becoming how he's like now?

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He wanted to get off Utopia but, I'm guessing, still be under X-men protection. He told Wolverine he'd do anything to go with him, even be the janitor, so there he is. Doesn't seem to be enjoying it too much, especially now that Husk's gone, still probably better than, say, jail..

maybe he'll join Cyclops' team.. that could be cool.

#3 Posted by tahmidk (361 posts) - - Show Bio

i seem to remember toad managed to hold his own agaisnt wolverine, really dissapointed they arent using him more. also why did he want to get off utopia?

#4 Posted by xmentas (181 posts) - - Show Bio

@tahmidk: He felt like he didn't belong, everything was the same, nothing to do there for him. So in X-Men Regenesis #1 he pleaded with Wolverine to take him. Check it out.

#5 Posted by UltraBiel (329 posts) - - Show Bio

He probably become another Avenger! hehehehe

#6 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (12056 posts) - - Show Bio

He got TOWED

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Why? Bad writing and poor characterisation courtesy of Jason Aaron.

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