The X-Men: Schism Aftermath — Who Was Right, Cyclops or Wolverine?

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There is a Schism between members of the X-Men. From the first day they put on costumes and tried to protect the innocent, the X-Men have always faced danger. As mutants, they have faced threats of being locked up or exterminated. The climate and hatred towards mutants has only gotten worse over the years. Professor X's vision was that humans and mutants could someday coexist peacefully. The problem is, people always fear the unknown. With certain mutants using their abilities for their own gain, mutants have become unpredictable in the eyes of the public.

Recently the X-Men have been confronted by a new threat. The new version of the Hellfire Club was made up of highly intelligent and deadly children. Not realizing the full threat, the X-Men were caught off guard and attacked at the newly opened museum for mutants. With no concern for innocent civilians, the Hellfire Club had defeated the X-Men and planned on detonating a bomb which would kill countless innocent lives.

This is where the debate began. The X-Men had all been captured. Only the young mutant Idie was left. Wolverine was racing to the museum to deal with the attackers. Cyclops was too far away. Despite Wolverine's protests, Cyclops told Idie to do what she felt she had to in order to stop the terrorists. This resulted in her killing a dozen men but saving hundreds. Cyclops and Wolverine would soon get into the argument of whether or not the children should be used as soldiers and allowed to kill. Be warned, there will be some spoilers from X-Men: Schism.

== TEASER ==

The X-Men are not supposed to kill. This was always stressed upon Wolverine from the day he joined. As the attitude and threats against mutants intensified, it finally got to the point where Cyclops, as the leader of all the X-Men, made the choice to condone killing...on certain occasions. His solution was the black ops squad of mutants operating as X-Force. Wolverine lead this team and did what Cyclops ordered him to do in order for the other X-Men to be spared the decision or threats.

With Cyclops growing colder and making more tactical decisions for the greater good, Wolverine felt he'd gone too far. The children do need to know how to use their powers but they're not X-Men. They're not soldiers. They are still children, regardless of how much power they might possess. Their innocence needs to be preserved for as long as possible, even if that period is growing shorter and shorter with all the threats each day.

Cyclops feels they no longer have that luxury. The number of mutants has been reduced and they are near extinction. Wolverine's option was to run from the threat approaching Utopia. Cyclops felt that wouldn't accomplish anything. They would have no where to run to. They don't have other places or countries they could go since the world is pretty much all against them. They'd be stuck running for the rest of their lives. Standing their ground gave them a chance.

Who was right?

Click to enlarge.

Here comes the hard part. The easy solution is both are right and wrong. But as the X-Men had to choose, so must we. As a father, of course I think children should be protected. They shouldn't be exposed to certain things. As Wolverine said, once you kill, that's not something you can come back from. You'll always be a killer.

Unfortunately, the X-Men don't live in a normal world. They don't have the luxury, option or resources to keep the children isolated and safe. As surprised as I am to say it, I have to side with Cyclops on this.

Being a leader isn't easy. Being a leader of an entire species facing annihilation is even harder. Cyclops has devoted his entire life to the X-Men. He's given up everything. Wolverine might have good intentions but taking a bunch of kids and trying to re-start the school is not going to guarantee their safety. Look at what happened to the New X-Men. How many mutants were killed by William Stryker? He killed one-fourth of the students when he caused a bus to explode. Even under the protection of the X-Men, they were not safe.

Is Wolverine willing to give up everything in his life? He runs around the world and is active in X-Force and the New Avengers. As Cyclops pointed out, the reason Wolverine wasn't there to help Idie was because he was sitting in a bar drinking. Where is he going to find the time to run a school and ensure the children are safe?

Wolverine's comment that they are children and not soldiers is ridiculous. The idea of the X-Men has always taken children and put them in harm's way in order to fight evil and protect the innocent. The original X-Men were in their mid-teens when they first put on their costumes and fought Magneto, a mutant terrorist. Teenagers but still not adults. Professor X may have had dreams of a peaceful co-existence but he also trained them to be soldiers.

Where does that leave Cyclops and his future as leader of his X-Men? Is it any surprise that Magneto is standing by his side? It has been said that Magneto was right. Wolverine has good intentions but with the state of mutant affairs in the Marvel universe and the fact that he is not one to settle down in one place, he's getting in over his head thinking he can safely run a school. It might be easy for him to say mutants shouldn't kill because he can survive just about any attack. When it comes down to a matter of survival, sometimes a superpowered individual might not have another choice, especially if it means their lives or the lives of other innocents.

As we make our decision and this topic turns into a conversation, let's hope it can stay that--a conversation. This is something that we should be able to discuss rationally and not resort to petty bickering (much like Cyclops and Wolverine did in the story). Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just know that mine is the correct one.

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I'm with Cyclops, when you're an endangered species sacrifices must be made. You don't get to have a normal childhood because, lit it or not, you're not normal. Cyclops sending the kids into battle is nothing that wasn't done at the Westchester mansion on a regular basis for about 95% of the titles existence. Ultimately you run once and you run forever. You draw the line, you defend your home. Loss' will occur, but the sacrifice is worth having a place that's your own.

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Cyclops is obviously right.

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I think Wolverine is being way too emotional, and Cyclops is right. I know you are supposed to like Wolverine more, but there is a reason why Cyclops is the better leader. Wolverine is acting like a mother hen little B*CTH. I hope this all falls on Wolverine's head, not because he sucks, but because the story should be honest enough to show that's how it should end, with Wolverine admitting he is wrong.

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Your opinion is indeed the correct one in this case G-Man.

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Depends in what context you view the disagreement.  In a practical sense Cyclops was right, the students should definitely have been sent into battle.   But in a philosophical sense, Wolverine was right.  Kids shouldn't have to be soldiers, and it should always be avoided if possible.

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I'd side with Cyclops in that were I Idie, I'd much rather live with the knowledge that I'm a killer of terrible men than someone who has allowed hundreds of innocent people to die.

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Strangely I'm on the fence about all this, because as you've said, they're both right and wrong.

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"Wolverine's comment that they are children and not soldiers is ridiculous." Hammer, meet nail.

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I'm siding with Logan on this one, cyclops isn't the same person who he used to be, children shouldn't be made to kill even at such an early age as idie, sure the early x-men were trained when they were in their teens but they were never trained to kill. i mean thats ridiculous, it changed her what she did, and that blame goes on cyclops's shoulders, let the kids be kids in a sheltered life and let the adults take care of the problems, i have faith wolverine knows what he's doing, he's  a capable leader and old as shit. He knows what he's doing, as for cyclops...he needs  a personality adjustment.
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Yeah, that's never bothered him before, and now suddenly it's his crusade? He even let his own daughter join X-Force...

From a philosophical stand point I get his POV. But I'm nothing if not a pragmatist and his views just don't work within the reality that the mutants live in.

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I think Cyclops is right, but I also always thought that Magneto was more realistic than Xavier; that's not the point of the X-Men though. They're there to uphold an ideal that humanity and mutants can co-exist, they're not just some military force that recruits children. Wolverine is being too soft, but I feel that Cyclops forgot that he's suppose to stand for something more than just survival.

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Wolverine is right, Cyclops sounds like Magneto from X-Men First Class.

I didn't read the comics, but it seems like Cyclops has become Magneto with the ends always justifying the means. Kill who he wants to kill, make others kill for him, do whatever he sees must be done to further his goals. Just like Magneto. In the old days the X-Men had a code not to use their powers to kill anyone. I think to Xavier wanted to show that mutants shouldn't be feared, but it seems like no one cares what people think of mutants now.

I know being a Leader isn't easy. Fury makes compromises all the time. Usually the people who are leaders like Fury and Xavier look like total jerks with their actions. Xavier also made a lot of compromises, and eventually he was kicked out of the X-Men for keeping the Danger Room's AI trapped so he could better train his students. Seems like what Cyclops did is just as bad. I could see them kicking Cyclops out too.

Then again, I didn't actually read the comics.

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Team Cyclops!

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@JonesDeini said:


Yeah, that's never bothered him before, and now suddenly it's his crusade? He even let his own daughter join X-Force...

From a philosophical stand point I get his POV. But I'm nothing if not a pragmatist and his views just don't work within the reality that the mutants live in.

X-23 is not Wolverine's daughter.
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Who can be right on one like this? I'll take Team Cyclops though because the original X-Men were barely teenagers when they started brawling. Wolverine is cool with the killing as long as he is doing it? Life doesn't sadly always work that way.

I feel like the writers want me to side with Wolverine, but the stakes are too high at this point with how few mutants are left in this version of the X-Universe. Also him naming the new school after Jean Grey just makes me want to punch him in the teeth. Not. your. wife!!!!

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Team wolverine

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Wolverine's is a journey that transcends the ages. Hes prone to a berserker rage but is a student of history. It takes a servant's heart and a martyr's body like Wolverine's to take the blows needed to stand up for the greater good. When it comes down to it Cyclops made the one decision he should never have made, authorizing a child to kill. The agenda thats been sacrificed for is thusly compromised.

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Team Wolverine interests me more, but I stand by Cyclops. There are what, 186 mutants left on the planet? Maybe a few more. Sacrifices have to be made, these aren't normal times or the best of circumstances for the X-Men.

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Cyclops is right on this one. Of course he isn't trying to turn children into killers, but, he is trying to make them strong enough to make hard choices. Wolverine was supposed to be with them at the museum but failed them and went off to drown his sorrows in beer. Cyclops has become a combination of both Professor X and Magneto. He knows that the only way to keep mutant-kind alive is to sometimes get your hands really dirty. Wolverine understood this when he formed X-Force. His sudden change of heart seems less than genuine.

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He is not a terrorist, he's the leader and savior of the mutant race. When has Cyclops ever made an attack anything against humans that was not warranted? The purifiers and their leaders needed to be dealt with in a lethal fashion and were. In the ideal situation mutant children living with the X-men shouldn't have to kill. That being said, G-man is right just as Cyclops is right , this isn't the ideal situation. Being on the verge of extinction makes a person like Cyclops have to become a realist, and make the cold, hard decisions for the greater good.   
Stop comparing a reformed villian and terrorist to the greatest hero the mutant race has to offer.
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Cyclops, duh..

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I'm with Cyclops.

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I go wolverine. If Scott felt so strongly that killing was right and teens should be doing it then he would be doing it himself. And he would have stuck with X-Force even after it became public among the X-men. But if Scott's not going to be willing to lead by example on the kill front then no I am not backing him.

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I think the problem is they made Cyclops a little TOO unlikable. He was made into this heartless militant thinker, and in actuality...that isn't what he is. He's a guy plagued with doubts whose over come them to become the Leader and Founder of the Mutant race in the 21st Century. This is akin to the completely out of character Magneto in X3 throwing mutants to their deaths so he could come in at the end.

I dunno, I thought it was good but they pushed Wolverine as being "right" far too much.

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Leaders delegate bud, he's not a grunt, he's Commander-in-Chief.  You don't see the president pulling the trigger do ya?
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@Skaddix said:

I go wolverine. If Scott felt so strongly that killing was right and teens should be doing it then he would be doing it himself. And he would have stuck with X-Force even after it became public among the X-men. But if Scott's not going to be willing to lead by example on the kill front then no I am not backing him.

I really do agree. Scott can't just go around saying it's ok for kiuds to be killers, especially when he doesn't walk that line. It wasn't that long ago he gave Hellion a threat of exile for excessive force on Omega Sentinel and because Hellion showed no remorse. Isn't that being hypocritical? I agree with Logan. Mutant numbers are at an all time low and if u wasnt to send in trained killers with healing factors to put down your enemies then fine but you can't be sending children in to kill. It's gonna mess their heads up. The X-Men have always been in the line of fire but they always stood on the moral line, now it is more important than ever for the future leaders of their race to be the beacon of light in the times of darkness. Now more than ever it is important to not give in to Magneto's tempting ways. Now more than ever it is important for them top show the world that mutant doesn't mean terrorist. Mutant doesn't mean killer. 
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I like how some of you bring up that the 1st X-man were going on missions in there teens which is true. But they were never told to get the job done be whatever means necessary. The X-man are suppose to be the best of mutant kind that means getting the job done without killing. Not ordering a kid who is still mentally developing to kill, who knows what that did to her. Not to mention that parents send there kids to them trusting that they will be taken care of. If you knew you were sending your kid to a place that has them killing people, you wouldn't send them. Wolverine is a killer so you can call him a hypocrite but he kills so others dont have to. Its easy for Cyclops say he's right when he orders people to do the dirty work instead of doing it himself.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

Cyclops is obviously right.

Nice argument.
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They were both wrong.

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Team Slim. Being idealistic as Xavier or Logan in the current situation is all well and good, and commendable even. But when the rubber hits the road, Cyclops is willing to give the order to have done what needs to be done in order to survive and see the dream through at the end. I don't think that what Cyclops has done runs counter to Xavier's goals, but they aren't necessarily fully in line with them either. But Scott isn't Charles, nor should he be. But he's not Magneto either. The Logan/Scott dynamic does have some feel like it has some of the same battle lines of the Charles/Eric disputes.. but in the end Cyclops still has co-existence at heart, while that was not the goal of Magneto.

We've got time but I'm interested to see what Charles and Eric have to say about the situation. For the sake of the story the leaders of the past really do need to keep out of the current generation's conflict, but it'd still be interesting to see where each of them weigh in on the Schism.

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The more important question is how the hell is Cyclops still alive? His skull should be caved into his face after the hits he took.

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I don't really look at it as whether each one was right or wrong. I feel the best analogy is that this was a relationship on the road to a divorce and both were a part of how the relationship got this bad. Although this is illustrated in another book, keep in mind the traumatic events Wolverine has been going through in his solo book (Jason Aaron has wrote both that book and Schism, so it's safe to say his main book is kept in mind while the event book was written).

Wolverine has been rebuked by Cyclops repeatedly--especially recently. This appears to have taken a toll on Logan who has been very devoted to Scott and his cause. Scott, as has been mentioned by many, is very cold and calculating. He has been a great leader on the battlefield, but has lacked on keeping the mutant community a family. Hank had already been driven away, and now Wolverine has left too.

Scott, from a tactical position, is right. Wolverine's views are definitely naive. But the real issue is that this persecuted minority has splintered into two factions--potentially weakening them irreversibly.

They decided to place the burden of the race on themselves, which meant that their bond needed to remain strong for the sake of their race. And now that relationship has soured, and the mutant's unity along with it.

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One thing stands out, though. Cyclops sure proved he's Cable's father.

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Wolverine's comment that they are children and not soldiers is ridiculous. The idea of the X-Men has always taken children and put them in harm's way in order to fight evil and protect the innocent. The original X-Men were in their mid-teens when they first put on their costumes and fought Magneto, a mutant terrorist. Teenagers but still not adults. Professor X may have had dreams of a peaceful co-existence but he also trained them to be soldiers.

 Aw c'mon ! Prof X was an idealist, but he always trying to teach that X-men must not kill people. 
Cyclops is an hypocrite because his argument his that with 186 mutants left, the mutant must do whatever they can to stay existing as a specis. This is one the most stupid and heinous argument I have ever heard. 
Why ? Theses points : 
1) If they don't engage in a mass orgy or genetic cloning or reproduction, 186 people is not enough to bring back any species at all. Period. Mutants as a species are doomed. It's sad, but Get over it.
2) Cyclops's argument mean that they can kill whoever they want to stay alive. Human aren't the only one to feel fear, mutants too : how do you think it will last before mutant people will be killing out of fear instead of self-defense ? My guess ? Not very long. 
3) Lastly, his arguments is the same that some WWII dictators ave done with some other people. He's doin' the same errors than Magneto : he became what he fear the most. 
4) Sure? Wolverine will not be the best of teacher, but at least he's trying. He was drinking in a bar ? Good. What happen to the tactical and analatycal genius of Mr. Scott Summers ? Could he not prevent an attack on the Museum ? After more than ten years of working with Wolverine, he could not have a hints of his personnality and drinking habits ? 
Sure being a leader isn't easy, but there's something even harder, admit when you're wrong and we know that Cyke isn't good at that these times.  

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I'm with Cyke, I get the feeling Wolvie's school won't last long. My bet is 12 months tops!

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@The Devil Tiger: They're not doomed. That was the whole point of Second Coming. With Hope's return, the mutant gene started manifesting in people again. And if you've read The Children's Crusade, you'd know the Scarlet Witch is back and is trying to undo the damage caused by M-Day.
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I'm siding with Wolverine. First Cyclops is an ashole all these last years. Second he would probably use the kids as cannon fodder as he attacks the sentinel in a safer distance. The discussion of the students was seen since X-23: while Logan wanted to put her out of the x-force and the killing spree, Scot want to use her as a killer.

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So is it me or are they trying to make the Wolverine vs Cyclops rivalry into Xavier vs Magneto rivalry.

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Ok, my bad, and thanks for the catch up ! : )
But it mean it's make Cyclops argument even worse... even if doesn't know about the Scarlet Witch... if he know... he's just being witten as a douchebag...
But what the both truly lack is a long term view.
#43 Posted by The Devil Tiger (1278 posts) - - Show Bio
I disagree wholehearty  and wonder how time it will take to Cyclops to make a "preventive attack" to save mutancy...
Cyclops have taken the X-men who were "action boy scout", and has make them child soldier. That's reeaaaallly baaAAAaaad !
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You agree with Wolvie because you don't like Cyclop's personality? So, I guess since you feel he's an asshole that's why he's wrong?  
And as for X-23, he used her as a killer because she is a killer. When you have a limited number of soldiers you use what you have. Enough with the naive comments.
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wolverine had an option to say NO to x-force. heck he had a reason to say NO to the avengers. anyone ever read when cap and iron man found them (the new avengers) and what they said about wolverine? paraphrasing here but they said "we need a hulk. we need someone who can kill when it comes down to it". wolverine has ALWAYS been a hired hand, or the killer on teams. so stop with the hypocrital stuff marvel writers. wolverine is the killer of the marvel super heroes behind the punisher.

#46 Posted by fivestarga (250 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Devil Tiger
Well disagreeing is part of life, and there's nothing wrong with that.  Now, let me present a different opinion to the reasons you feel Cyke was wrong. 
1) There is no need for a massive orgy (you're showing your age a bit) due to the fact that Hope is alive and we now have the 5 lights. Cyle is responsible for her survival if you've been keeping up with the x-books the last few years. 
2) Scott doesn't believe in killing everyone, you're again wrong. He issued hits on the most dangerous adversaries the mutant race had to deal with. You do realize that in a time of war and survival these type of things have to be done right?  
3) The same as Magneto? Wrong again, Magneto was a terrorist who believed in mutant supremacy and made no effort to hide that fact. Cyke does believe in coexisting. That being said, survival of the species is his number one concern. Does that mean he's going to start attacking the human race as Magneto did? No, he's not a villian.
4) As for this last point, I don't really know where you're going with this. You say Cyclops should have known Wolverine would be off getting drunk and game plan for a suprise attack without him? Ugh... call Schism bad wrong bud. 
As I said at the top, it's ok to disagree, but really think critically about the situation that the mutants are facing. Don't let your personaly feelings for the character of Cyclops cloud your judgment here. I don't care for Wolverine that much but If I thought his argument was correct (which it's not)  I would man up and admit it.  
Cyclops is correct. Wolverine has been turned into an idealist by a bad writer in Jason Aaron. For what was once such a good character it's a shame to see him be written so poorly.
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How can you not be siding with Cyclops? The world has changed and Logan's obviously in denial. Even Professor X realises that they can't just open up a school again and be hoopty ta with humans. Lines have been drawn. Even before the events in Schism (which resulted in mutants once again been hunted), the mutant race were verging on extinction. Cyclops had to make the tough choices, and his morals cannot be a part of it.

I feel the writers want me to side with Wolverine. However him naming the school after Jean is so irritating and such a jerk move. Combine this with his hypocritical and blind morals, and the writers have made me really dislike Logan at the moment.

To make my point clear, here's a quote from Second Coming regarding the deaths of THREE mutants,

"It was our job to protect them, and because those deaths represented one-and-a-half percent of the remaining mutant population. Imagine if a hundred million humans died. That's what just happened to us, because we failed. Every single attack on us is one that could very easily wipe us out. We can't afford a single mistake."

Wolverine may have the moral high road, but he has no idea what's at stake.

#48 Posted by Fluke-buddha (662 posts) - - Show Bio
@mikeclark1982 said:

wolverine had an option to say NO to x-force. heck he had a reason to say NO to the avengers. anyone ever read when cap and iron man found them (the new avengers) and what they said about wolverine? paraphrasing here but they said "we need a hulk. we need someone who can kill when it comes down to it". wolverine has ALWAYS been a hired hand, or the killer on teams. so stop with the hypocrital stuff marvel writers. wolverine is the killer of the marvel super heroes behind the punisher.

That doesn't really have anything to do with argument at hand.  It's not that Wolverine is against killing, it's that he's against children having to become killers.  It's not about the actual killing so much as it's about him trying to protect the innocence of the kids.
#49 Posted by MrMimic (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not really sure which side I'm on, but I think if I had to make a choice I think I'd be team wolverine.

the x-men may have to be trained to be like soldiers but they weren't meant to kill. That's what separated them from mutant groups like the brotherhood. if the x-men had been killing from the start likely hood is they would be just as threatening to the public, even though they would only be after the bad guys.

it may be necessary to have a black ops team like x-force, but students who are just trying to learn how to control their powers shouldn't be allowed to think that they can kill, they need to know that it's what makes them the good guys and not the bad guys. also they shouldn't have the burden of being a killer on their conscience, at least if there willing to it should be there own choice and not because of someone's orders.

#50 Posted by ltbrd (686 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to agree fully with Cyclops. For starters, kids in the X-men have always been put in harms way and for decades Wolverine has been one of the adults leading them into and through battle. I think Kitty's comments and the fact she didn't go with him (at least I didn't see her on the plane and I might have missed her in the preview images) is a nod to the fact that she feels Wolverine is wrong. 
This arc was written more as Wolverine simply being fed up with everything going on and why shouldn't he be. He makes a valid point that he's been doing some underhanded things and followed Scott's orders but in the end if he's fed up with the way Scott is running things he should just leave. In the end Wolverine made a bad decision splitting the X-men up into two camps and leaving both himself and the kids he took with him vulnerable to attack. What's he going to do if a similar incident occurs at the school? Will he call for Scott's help? Will he fight everyone alone? Will he just run from the battle? If he can't choose any of those options the only thing left is to have the children fight, which is exactly what he's against........but there is no option at that point. 
Cyclops may have become a cold, hard tactician but he's done so for the right reasons and he's still not at the point of openly attacking the rest of the world. I don't think the picture of him in Magneto garb is correct because while X-Force is a good idea (let's be honest, in the real world governments sanction the same actions all the time) based on the situation in the end he's still playing a defensive game and is willing to stay in Utopia and let the mutant community feel safe than declare open hostilities against the world. 
Plus, Cyclops NEVER TOLD INDIE TO KILL. That's a key point right there. He said do what she thought was right. Indie, believing herself to be a monster anyways because of the ridicule she suffered when her powers emerged, decided to kill. PLUS SHE WAS JUSTIFIED. There is not a jury in the world that would convict a person for using lethal force against an opponent using lethal force. It is written into our laws that a defender can use force as necessary to protect the life of someone else. Indie did just that. Instead of fighting with Cyclops about letting her make the decision, Wolverine should have been talking with her about why she had no other choice and trying to help her through the emotional conflicts she'd be going through. 
But he won't because he can't. That's not Wolverine's character. He takes action, not council people. Which is not a good thing if he wants to run a school. 
I'll finish by saying I find it amusing that everyone always put down Cyclops for being too much of a boy scout and always being less cool than Wolverine and other X-men because he was either doing whatever Xavier wanted or running away from his problems. Now he's actually stepped up into the leadership role Xavier had original intended him to take from the beginning, has Xavier, Magneto, and Emma Frost following him (each of whom has been a leader of mutants for years) and is respected by Namor (who leads an entire kingdom) for his actions. Yet people still don't like him. Why?

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