sport uniform in Xavier's School

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First of all, i want to apologize about my bad english. I'm from Spain and i'm afraid it's not good enough.

I'm asking for a little help. A friend of mine told me he has always wanted the sport clothes that the boys used in Xavier's School For Gifted Children. I have been searching any image about it so i can create it or something for him. I think it's a kind of pullover, or t-shirt, i searched it in google and i have found the one they use in the movie but i suspect it's not like the one in the comics.

I will be so grateful if somebody could tell me a comic where i could look for it, or maybe post an image, or any kind of help.

Thank you for your time.

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i'm not sure about the 'official' uniform as it's changed a few times from what i remember...

basically it's a set of gray sweatpants and hoodie with red / blue stripes along the sleeves, back and leg with a Grey stop underneath.

i know you can actually pick up the 'official' badge to sow onto clothes...



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aha... i knew there was a red one...


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Welcome to the Vine. Don't worry about your English, it's better than some English speakers'.

I'm not sure what clothes you're talking about. All I can suggest is to look through the image galleries on this page: and connected pages and see if it shows up in any of those.

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Hey Cassie I just had a quick look and the only stuff I can find is from the new cartoon on the TV.

On another note your english is fine and im from england and mine is pretty bad, So from one newbie to another dont worry about it.

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Thank you for the welcome and the quick help. I had already founded the patches but i still don't know very well about what he was talking about. I think i will try to ask him craftily. I'm searching on the image gallery too. ^^

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