Should Wolverine and Storm Be The Next X-Men 'Power Couple'?

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In comics, how long after your marriage ends should a character wait before getting back on the horse again? In "real life," people don't normally jump from one relationship to the next (well, some might, but it's not really the norm), but in comics things are a little bit different; things tend to move a whole heck of a lot faster. Case in point, Ororo (Storm) and T'Challa (Black Panther). For six years these too were married in comics (see BLACK PANTHER #18 from 2006); but that marriage came to an abrupt end during AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. The split lasted one panel, and there was no buildup and no discussion; just an annulment. Many Storm fans and fans of this pairing were outraged with the way things ended, so the fact that an entirely new relationship might be on the horizon for Storm comes as a bit of a surprise.


The final page of this week's issue of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN (#19) reveals the addition of a new character to the series. For those of you that caught the news from Marvel yesterday about what to expect from the series in the coming issues, you likely already saw the panel featuring Storm. That's right, the newly-single Goddess of Weather is joining the cast of teachers at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. The news was followed by the reveal of the cover to WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #24 featuring Storm and Wolverine locked in an embrace. Okay, so comic book publishers do this sort of thing all the time. We see characters kissing on covers and oftentimes nothing ever comes of it. Yet, something tells us this time it might be different.

== TEASER ==

Think back to ASTONISHING X-MEN #51, the marriage issue written by Marjorie Liu and featuring art from Mike Perkins. Towards the end of the issue there is one moment that struck us as particularly interesting. It's clear that after the wedding ceremony everyone is celebrating, so why would Marjorie Liu choose to focus specifically on Ororo and Logan in that particular scene? Not only are the two exchanging some very flirtatious banter, but what Logan says in this scene is interesting.

"I'm remembering my own first dances, 'Ro, and the ones I never got to have."

Chris Claremont's X-Men stories are considered timeless classics. They are also thought to be the outline for many of the X-Men stories we see today. In them you might recall hints of the potential possible relationship between Storm and Logan, so although they never technically got together, some might argue that the implications were certainly there.


In Claremont's UNCANNY X-MEN #450 and #451 we see the softer side to the friendship between Logan and Ororo. In these issues the two take a night off and hit Broadway; and if we didn't know any better, we might call this a date. The two are obviously dressed up for the evening and they are out alone. Beyond that, though, is the dialogue. Comics don't always come right out and say what they mean, which sometimes forces us to read between the lines. In this scene it is clear that their dialogue and the back and forth is affectionate; particularly for Logan. However, these two have technically gotten together before.


In ULTIMATE X-MEN #51 we watched an alternate universe Storm and Wolverine grow very fond of one another. The story, written by Brian K. Vaughn, not only showed readers and fans flirtatious dialogue between the two characters, but also showed them fall in love (as much as Logan thought it was a bad idea).

It's clear these characters have history and that there have been references and hints made at the possibility of a romance between them, but is it too soon? After all, Storm just had her six year marriage to the Black Panther annulled (in a really humiliating scene, too), shouldn't she have some time to grieve? Also, are these two characters better off as friends than they are as lovers, or is this something that has been a long time coming?

Special thanks to CV user Age of Hurricane for help with this article.

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Dont really care to be honest,comics are way too like soap operas sometimes.

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You know, I really HATED this at first. And, I think Storm and BP never should have fallen apart. BUT, Wolvie and Storm are both kind of immortals... They could relate on a whole different level.

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no try Logan and Rogue.

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Every woman logan has been with is dead........ whatever happened to that news reporter he went out with??????

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@LoganRogue24: Miligan tried to make that work but it only made Logan look like a pedophile.

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Dont like this

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I've heard that Storm and Panther's marriage was becoming shaky anyway. Either way, doesn't matter because I doubt this will last long. Logan's always been a solo act so I'd expect this relationship to end sooner rather than later.

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marvel needed to outdo DC's Wonder super couple

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Logan isn't allowed to have a working relationship. A writer will come along and mess with it.

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I can see it happening

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no. Wolverine's not a one woman kind of guy. I guess marvel just wants Storm to be his on the side girl or something. Doesn't really make sense to me.

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I would like to see them together SO MUCH. But they can't, they are too...different you know. Their love is impossible, i'd like to see this, the last kiss for an impossible love that they will share forever but can't happen.

My english sucks guys...

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Wait a second.... Isn't Storm single now? That mean's ol' douche bag Logan is no longer interested. With Namor in trouble for the whole Phoenix debacle maybe we'll see Wolverine making a move on Invisible Woman. Keep it Real, Wolverine; Real Douchy.

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Well according to my official x-men roulette wheel............umm......yep it's their turn to be together.

If you followed x-men this is not the first time they have been together. Many of the alternate worlds has had Storm with Wolverine, and one of them is demonstrated by Sara in the pics above.

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X-Men comics are a mess so I don't really follow them any more, but for Storm's sake I hope this doesn't happen. Wolverine is a horrible womanizing kind of guy who even stoops so low as to try and steal other men's wives. She is better off without him. Plus there is no interest in seeing them get together. So this is not likely going to make much of a splash if it happens.

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@hyenascar said:

Well according to my official x-men roulette wheel............umm......yep it's their turn to be together.

You actually have one? Do you have an avengers wheel? What about Justice League. Did you see Supes and Wonderwoman?

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ugh! disgusting. he's trash.

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Of course they should. They have more in common with each other than they have with any of their own past exes.

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You know how they did that "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe". They might as well now make the "Wolverine Sleeps with the Marvel Universe". Seems as if they're a third of the way there already.

That whole scene of Storm saying she's married and Wolverine says "Oh, I Know." Makes him look like a smarmy jerk.

Relationships in comics are about as meaningful nowadays as your average soap opera. They start them then just never develop them. They feel more like promotions to boost sales than story based.

In "real life," people don't normally jump from one relationship to the next (well, some might, but it's not really the norm),

This is pretty true. After my mother got divorced when I was a kid, she never wanted to get remarried, but she's had the same boyfriend since the mid-90s..

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No. Just keep them as close friends. The two are VERY different.

Now, that one issue of X-Force with Wolverine and Besty in the future.......I support that.

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They have been together... in Uncanny X-Men #455, they were seen training together and flirting too. They then share a very passionate kiss and were talking about seeing each other for dinner! Does know one remember this!?

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I love the idea. The problem is that right now, everyone has this notion their differences are too much. These differences were pointed out in Kurt Wagner's room shortly after his death in a fantastic scene between 'Ro and Logan.


Lets take a look back further though. Another time that I think was very important to them, because it's a huge contrast to the scene I just mentioned, and now importantly where they are heading today. (Storm on X-Force) One I wish Babs would highlight. Uncanny X-Men 325.


There are some great relationship building moments between the two, and another side of Storm that may surprise most readers, as she does something generally suited for the Uncanny X-Force. If nothing else the book ends with one of my favorite, most memorable panels in the history of X-Men. Not because it's shocking. Because it has meaning and showcases something strong between the characters.

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Wait a minute, two of the company's (arguably) most popular members a team embracing? One of which is newly single? Where have I seen this before...



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I knew Babs wrote this article when i saw the title.

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nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. weird weird weird weird weird weird weird.

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Great, the two things that represent everything thats wrong with what Marvel is doing with the X-Men all wrapped up together

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Storm, girl watcha doing? You went from the king of Wakanda, to the Danny Devito of the X-Men. That's like going from Jay-Z to Flavor-Flav. I have fun Shaving Wolverine's back. 

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I don't mind the idea, seems pretty cool (tho admittedly it's been awhile since I last read an X-men comic) ... I'm just a little curious as to how long Marvel has been planning this, before or after Superman and Wonder Woman hooked up?

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DAMMIT!!! :)
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Well Wolverine is slowly but surely sleeping with all of the X-Women so sure why not.

Honestly though, Toad and Husk is more interesting, so is the Warbird, Iceman, Kitty Pryde triangle thing.

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I approve of this relationship, though if it happens too soon it'll seem like a rebound. I like the idea of them having a legitimate, real relationship.

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I'm not a huge X-Men fan anymore, but I always liked Storm and Wolverine together. I'm not sure why. I think they were a little flirty in X-Men Evolution, which I watched when I was a kid so maybe that's where this "ship" came from. I thought Black Panther/Storm was too random but I wasn't reading the characters when they got to together so idk

I don't know if it's blasphemous to say in the eyes of X-Men fans, but I like the pairing.

(It's a lot better than Superman/Wonder Woman)

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@tylerlugowski said:

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. weird weird weird weird weird weird weird.


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You're seriously calling the idea of a super hero couple a ripped off idea? As if Marvel characters aren't constantly starting and ending romantic relationships to begin with?

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As James Robinson mentioned once, the x men is a big sex origie(something beetween the lines:P)

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It doesn't matter because we all know Storm don't know how to keep no man.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

@LoganRogue24: Miligan tried to make that work but it only made Logan look like a pedophile.

lol to be fair he's like what 120? Anyone he dates is going to be a 1/4 his age at best.

Im not for it but I can't say its totally forced either. They obviously have a long working relationship and sometimes that does turn into something more. I would like to see at the end of this they end it amicably saying they made sense more as friends.

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I do not want to see them dating, but everyone has been asking for this couple for a very long time so let's just get it over with.

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I'm indifferent about it

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@DaltonMunnal said:


You're seriously calling the idea of a super hero couple a ripped off idea? As if Marvel characters aren't constantly starting and ending romantic relationships to begin with?

Settle the Jimmies, brother. 'Twas a simple joke. Hence the ":P" and subtle sarcasm.

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This is stupid.

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@MadeinBangladesh said:

Dont like this

@Jorgevy said:

marvel needed to outdo DC's Wonder super couple

If that was their goal they failed miserably 
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i would love them to be together

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@IllyanaRasputin: Word and I have a video help our cause.

Loading Video...
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@Rickbarry said:

@IllyanaRasputin: Word and I have a video help our cause.

Loading Video...

I second this response

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The last time I saw these two talk together was when Storm was telling Wolverine over a drink they were not friends anymore because he was killing on X-Force for Cyclops? When did they start talking to each other again because I would like to read that conversation?

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