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Im new to the forum and just now trying to get into the xmen comics. I know im extremely late on this and I definitely cant go back and start from issue #1 and read everything to present day. I wanted to get a list of the major storylines or arcs that would get me caught up and give me a good basis going forward. I started with the Marvel Masterworks Xmen vol 1 as well as MM Uncanny. I've also read Dark Phoenix saga, Days of future past, God loves Man Kills. Recently purchased Mutant Massacre and Fall of Mutants.

So i need to know what storylines to follow next. At the store im seeing Phoenix endsong and warsong and the new age plus all these origins and new xmen, young xmen, essential xmen and its a bit confusing.

Can you guys that are more experienced give some help on this?

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If you want to start reading RIGHT NOW, like the new comics. You basically need to read the Messiah Series, uh god i can't exactly remember the order. But Messiah Complex, Messiah War, House of M(this was before the Messiah stuff) Second Coming and then AvX (as well as AVX: Consequences)

Ill check the exact order of those and get back with you soon if some one else doesnt before me, i know the stories but i get them all confused on to what they are called lol

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In terms of essential storylines to bring you up to speed: House of M Decimation Deadly genesis? (not essential but starts cyclops on the road as badass mutant leader) Messiah compleX Manifest destiny Messiah War Utopia Second coming Schism Avengers Vs X-men However personally I'd recommend going back a little further and reading New mutants: academy X, New X-men (follows on from New mutants post HoM but before messiah complex, it's much better than half the essential titles), Age of X (after utopia but before second coming, continuity light and doesn't really have any impact on the current state of the xmen, but still a great read). Also, I'd recommend the entirety of whedons astonishing xmen run.

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Sorry about the lack of punctuation, i typed this as a list on my phone but when posting it turned it into prose.

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I was just like you about 1 year ago. Got into comics with DC's New 52 but I wanted to try something marvel. I decided on X-Men. Though my path was very different, I managed to buy X-Men (vol 2/1991) from 1-200s, I liked it so much that I continued to expand my X-Men library, of course hunting for everything in issues was becoming quite hard so I decided to grab trade paperbacks. Though, little to do with current stuff, the Age of Apocalypse was a very nice and very massive omnibus book that collects around 40 issues. It's a really good story though. Moving along I also found the this volume between issues 114 and 156 (otherwise known as Grant Morrison's New X-Men run) has quite a lot of impact and relevance with the House of M - Messiah Complex - Messiah War - Second Coming and AvX story arcs. Finally going back to less related but still a read it if you can, Astonishing X-Men 1-24 + Giant Size (or Astonishing X-Men Omnibus, aka. Joss Whedon's run).

If you are simply looking for a clean chronological order list of story arcs here it is:

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Here is the reading order I took (if memory serves) after finishing Morrison/Whedon's run:

house of m

decimation: day after

deadly genesis



messiah complex

original sin


x23 innocence lost/ target x

x force volumes 1 - 2

messiah war

x force volume 3

manifest destiny

uncanny x-men / dark avengers: utopia

second coming

birth of generation hope

gen hope future four letter word

uncanny x force to issue 12


uncanny x force to issue 19


I trimmed a fair amount of fat; yet, what's noted, in all fairness, gives a well-read account for the most part.

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Thanks for the insight. I got a lot of catching up to do for sure

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Not to bump an old thread, but I'm bumping and old thread.

I'm trying my hand at reading some x-men, and I like emperiums list above. However I want to start even earlier than The Dark Pheonix Saga. I'd like to start even further back. What major arcs before the Dark Pheonix would you all recommends? And are there major arcs in OTHER x-books that aren't listed above that I should check out? (And it can be chronological too, like a modern retelling like Season One and Origin)

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