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Full disclosure first.  I'm 30 this year, and I got into comics around the age of 8 years old.  I had to ride my bike to the local convenience store to get my monthly fix.  When Spider-Man and X-Men went animated  I was elated.  When the movies came out it was just icing on the cake.  I wished I had been around the same classmates that used to tease me because I knew they all went to see X-Men and Spider-Man; and they used to tease me for reading comics and watching the cartoons.
But aren't we as a community putting all of them on a pedestal?
I recently got the orginal X-Men animated series and the Spider-Man animated series on DVD and as I was watching... I felt ashamed.  I looked on it and though "first is not always best."  X-Men was so childish, they didn't seem to think we could even understand Wolverine's healing factor as he was always bandaged up and in the "Medbay" whenever he got hurt at all.  They would each other by their code names even when Scott and Jean were on a date.  Yes it did the Dark Phoenix Saga almost line for line but that was it, the rest was just... childish.
Then I went to Spider-Man the animated series.  And it was just more of the same, villians origins were changed to have impact and more "let's have fun," or "Let's include as much of the Marvel Universe as possible."  A good example is Chameleon's "holographic costumes" and tying Electro to Red Skull.  Hobgoblin and Shocker were his primary enemies.  They threw in "alternate Spider-Mans" for a Clone Wars style story and even just threw in the Beyonder to have a "Secret Wars" story-arch.
I look back on these and go "WTF!"  I look on X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man and go, how did the originals get a minimum of 4 seasons and these three shows that were original and interesting get 7 seasons between them all.
Is the fan base so tainted by their childhood that they rose taints their world?  I'd accept that but elseworld and what-if comics sell so well that it seems we can accept alternate interpretations of our favorite characters.
What do you think?  I've been banging my head on this so much that I practically have a perpetual headache.

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I think these current series are too catering to 35-45 year old fans. Yes, they are presented  for children and are modernized, but for example, the humor is sometimes painfully meant for adults. Superhero Squad is guilty of this.

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There's some truth to that as well.  I think Superhero Squad however is more making it so parents can watch with their children without getting bored, sort of like what childrens movies do today as well.

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