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In the current series titled X-treme X-men, Dazzler is traveling through alternate universes meeting all kinds of alternative X-men. Which can mean any mutant can be a part of that world's "X-men" and old character can be re-imagined into interesting ways like; a male Rogue, a black Professor X, a mutant Hulk, or the son of Spiderman and Shadowcat. Think of the possibilities...?! So let's see how creative and out of the box we can make our alternate universe X-men. And feel free to write a small summary of why these character are like that or joined the team or what the world is like. But if you can't be bothered to justify it just give a unique roster. (This could be fun, if people go there.)

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Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Colossus, Wolverine, Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Iceman, Sunfire, Banshee (original), Psylocke, Shadowcat, Madison Jeffries (Box armor), Syrin (Banshee's daughter), Cannonball, Beast (original blue furry version), Sunder (from the Morlocks), Darkstar (the Russian mutant super soldier), Firestar.

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Leader: Storm

Members: Dazzler









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Charles Xavier doing X-TREME wheelchair stunts.

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ok, this what i had i mind.

Avenging X-men: Sage (now known as Cerebra) , Mimic, Polaris, Forge, Banshee, Sway, Petra, Darwin, and Kid Vulcan

This team was formed after Professor X and his original X-men died a horrible and irreversible death (^-^). Tessa returns to the mansion after spying on the Hellfire Club and contact's Dr. Moira McTaggert, who helps her assemble a new team of X-men to fulfill Xavier's dream. Together they set out to avenge their fellow mutants and find the man responsible for their deaths, Havok and his new team, the Marauders.

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Archangel in his death persona, Wolverine with bone claws and a sword, Gambit with his funny split personality except half n half all the time, Genesis and a hulked out Caliban.

Apocalypse has eradicated the X-men and is coming for Genisis so he can act as a host for him. Only Archangel, Wolverine, Gambit and Caliban have survived but at great cost to themselves at the hands of apocalypse. It turns out that the X-men were killed by these four as Apocalypse's horsemen.

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@nerd217: Sound very dark but i think having someone like Genesis would help solve the problem of this apocalyptic world. I also hope some X-women survived... ^-^ (Hey what if in the 616, Hope and Genesis hook up in the future. Just thinking out loud.)

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@Silver_Raven said:

Sage (now known as Cerebra)

I had always wanted Forge to create an android body for No-Girl and for her to take on the Cerebra moniker :)

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This might be the wrong place for this but it stems from an alternate reality idea where humanity has been wiped out by a plague concocted by Dr. Nemesis and mutantkind separated into four kingdoms, each ruled by a king & queen: Red, Green, Black & White. It had been agreed that repopulation was crucial to the continuation of the species so a treaty of peace was drawn out for 20 years and mutants paired off either for love or genetic compatibility and created offspring. The "good guys" and primary focus of the series would be the offspring of the White Kingdom.

Sibyl, daughter of King Archangel & Queen Emma Frost, blonde, beautiful with an ego to match, she's granted flight by black feathered wings, telepathy & pyrokinesis

Genie, daughter of Nightcrawler & Callisto, inherited the red devilish appearance of her grandfather, Azazel, the tactical prowess of her mother, & the agility of her father. She has the ability to "trade teleport" meaning she can replace a body in another location with her own while they appear in her previous position.

Verve, son of Quicksilver & Storm, white hair is coded in his genes and so is his electric speed and lightning quick brain

Wise Guy, son of Strong Guy & Tempo, physically short sighted like his father (with bottle cap glasses to match) but psychically precognitive, he's tall & wiry & prefers avoiding hand to hand combat

Calico, daughter of Sabertooth & Domino, a feral albino (save a few black and red streaks & spots) with red eyes, enhanced senses, claws, a healing factor & a probability field like her mom, this cat always lands on her feet

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  • Psylocke
  • Gambit
  • Rogue
  • Storm
  • X-23
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@Thunderscream: Great concept and i liked the different pairings. They all seem plausible and the story of the world sounds epic. Thanks for sharing your team. It's giving me all new ideas.

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I'm a big X-Men fan and love to always see a lot of different line ups. However, too much of the time when they make a new comics they use the same big name characters and throw in like one or two lesser name. I have nothing against the more well know character and rather like most of them, but it's always nice to see newer faces. My interesting line up would consist of two well known characters and 6 other characters with varying levels of notability. I'd like to see;







Chamber / Decibel


I think this line up has a good assortment of powers, leadership skills, and tactics that could make an interesting combination. There are some crossover abilities among these character which i see as helping when the team has to split up to make a plan work out better. Such as you could take; Archangel, Warpath, Armor, and Domino one way and let Colossus, Pixie, Chamber, and Hepzibah go another way. It has the known characters to draw in long time readers but uses a few lesser know character to create a different dynamic than always using the usual. In reality this is very wishful thinking and it may not really work with this line up of character, but I think it's an interesting notion to say the least.

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Mimic (Captain)

Deadpool (2nd Captain)

Psylocke (Lieutenant)









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