pspin's X-Men: Legacy #260 - Half A Step, Pt. 2 review

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X-Men Legacy 260 Review

X-Men Legacy 260 Review


Regenesis ends and Ariel is saved by Rogue and the others

The Good:

I really liked this issue, Mike Carey does a good job of expanding the cast of the book beyond the core team and it really adds to the story by including Hellion and Pixie. Another good thing about this issue is that the past arcs, Age of X to be specific, are still relevant and remembered. The addition of Ariel is a funny addition, there are several comments at her expense and they hit. Another plus is Ariel’s survival is explained, it is plausible too, which is always a plus when returning from the dead is so common.

The Bad:

Maybe it is just me but the whole Rogue-Magneto relationship is weird, I think I missed when it started, but it is a small issue. Another small issue is Ariel’s side in Regenesis is unclear. I am 99% positive she is joining Wolverine’s side with the Legacy team but the cover for the next issue doesn’t show her so I don’t know.


4.5 out of 5

Nothing majorly wrong with this but the small things are a little annoying, overall a great issue with solid writing but not excellent. Any fan of the series will like this issue, but new readers might not, because it starts directly after the last issue. (I would buy the last issue with this if you are new)

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