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I like X-Men Legacy. I think it's a book that focuses on characters I care about and unlike a lot of other X-Books Legacy seems to have a slower pace. This is a great example of the slower pace because after the tie-in arch to Necrosha we get a stand alone issue that gives some insight into a few characters.
The story of issue #234 is more like the Twilight Zone episode "Penny For Your Thoughts", were a banker is allowed to read peoples thoughts because he drops a coin a certain way and it get him into trouble, or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Earshot, where Buffy gets the temporary ability to read minds after a run in with a demon, than the TellTale Heart... which is about a murderer. Rogue is granted temporary mind reading abilities from the Stepford Cuckoo (because they're looking for the Pheonix Force... I didn't understand but whatever) and she goes about her day on Utopia dealing with students and lovers a-like. These encounters aren't always serious which is probably what I like about them.
The art is very well done although I miss the pencils of Clay Mann (I guess he does the cover). It's not that the art isn't good it just isn't what I'm used to having read 4 issue of Legacy in a row. I can't fault Paquette for that.
If you need a break between Necrosha and Second Coming I think X-Men Legacy #234 is a great choice because it takes it's time and gets it right.

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